A Rare Golden Gate ~ A Sprinkle Of Furnishment

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When I pictured an ideal home seeing this building, only to be disappointed with the sign on the Golden Gate No Mask No Entry

I was blown away lol, don't blame me. I know it's a normal sign for hotels, eateries, hospitals, secretariat, government houses, and a few churches, etc. Since after the Covid, pandemic stroke, these few places mentioned were strict with the usage of Mask before entry.
But I didn't see that coming for this building, I mean I didn't see it as any of the above mentioned.

The building looked more like a normal or ideal home so the strict warning of the mask was the last thing I could imagine being on that gate.


And while I was pondering on what the building could be and contemplating and regretting not carrying a mask with me, I saw an officer open the gate, and with his mask on.

It seems he was surveying the surroundings and taking note of things around the building.

There are lots of trees planted both inside the building and outside in the surrounding area.
This makes the whole place looks green.
But I wonder if they are able to maintain it and make it free from snakes and other wild or crawling animals.


The building floor was being cleaned and washed. The wash man was inside the building, pouring water on the concrete floor using a pipe with water gushing out of it.

Probably this is why the officer came out to see and know the direction of the water and where it would flow to. He was talking and pointing to the water with the wash man when I stood and observe them for some minutes.


I guess the water went in the right direction since he wasn't saying anything again and went back inside and locked up the gate.


Well, that was just an observation made but the main purpose of this article is was to talk about the model of the gate used in this building.
I couldn't get a shot of the interior building since I wasn't with a mask to go inside and I couldn't tell what went on inside there.
But the specific thing that really got my attention was the Golden Gate
At first, I thought it was an iron but no I don't think that is iron, it's looking more like steel.


I like the reflections on the Golden Gate.
It captures every passing vehicle but it makes it appear in a waveform.
Even the nearby trees are reflected on the Golden Gate.
The concrete design on the floor seems distinctive too


The surrounding looks very serene and clean. The more reason why I called it an ideal home. And also thought it was until I saw the warning sign No Mask No Entry :)

It's such a lovely building. And the stone concrete matches with the Golden Gate.


When the entrance is so lovely, I imagine how the complete building is and the interior building too.
I like it when quality materials are used in building such that the difference is clear.
This type of gate would not easily be seen or found in an average home.


I like the building too. In fact the gate looks mesmerizing and I don't know how the inside would look like? Probably like heaven on earth. Lol
Someone so rich must have built it and perhaps two people who come together to own a company like this. So beautiful surrounding to visit though. Probably you should get a mask and be allowed to enter so you can take many shots as possible.

Yeah, same thoughts lol.
I guess when next I visit this place.
Thanks for coming by dear