Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 165

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Morning sunshine shining down on the Taman Suntex MRT Station building... Casting those shadows of the window panes on the floor.

For the past few days... It's been sunny in the morning and then gloomy and rainy in the evening... How's the weather at your place lately?



  1. Post into the Shadow Hunters Community

  2. Your title should include the words "Shadow Hunters Contest ENTRY "

  3. It will be helpful if you include your link in a comment on the contest post.

  4. You may still enter single photos for the contest, but they will not receive OCD curation unless you put together a quality post.

  5. You can create a Shadow Photo post without entering the contest.

Focus on the shadow!

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I almost missed this! It's great! Please put your link on the contest post so that it doesn't get missed in the contest!

I think I have already submitted to the announcement post. ☺️

You did it perfectly! I had not yet seen it when I posted this.

hello @elizacheng,
I really like the concept of "hunting shadows", the photos are very nice and as for the weather in my country it is raining a lot so the weather is a bit dark.

I'm promoting That curation trail on HIVE and it would help me a lot if you forward it, You can also check it yourself: you might find it interesting to join, I'd love to hear your comments.

Thank you. @melinda010100 started the shadow hunting. And her shadow photos are amazing. And so are those shadow hunters in the community.
Where are you from?
I will take a look at the trail. 💪
Thanks for dropping by.