Forest Wave [Shadow Hunters Contest - Round 159]

in Shadow Hunters3 months ago

Shadows of the trees are waving to you in the early morning sun. A hand is there to greet you too.

The original photo was taken with Xiaomi Mi Max 2 phone.

I know that the photo above sort of ignores one of the rules of the Shadow Hunters Contest.

IMPORTANT Remember to keep the main focus of your picture on the shadow! After all, this is a shadow contest.

There are many shadows and the author's wave is just one of them. It's there to acknowledge your active presence.

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Better and better


Hi, @ervin-lemark
I really like black and white photography, your shadow photography in the forest looks great.👍

Thanks a lot. I am glad that you like it.


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Cool shadow hunting photo. Thanks for sharing. 😎

You are welcome. Good night :)

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This is a wonderful photo with plenty of shadows! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!

Thank you for taking care of the contest.

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