¨ShadowHuntersContest¨ # 160 ¨Exclusivo Hive¨ Weekend shadows (palm trees)

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Happy to be here in this wonderful ¨ShadowHuntersCommunity¨:  with other ¨passionate¨ by the ¨shadowhunt¨; It is a great pleasure to accompany our dear friend @melinda010100 in her kind invitation to participate in the ¨ShadowHuntersContest¨:  A splendid contest where you will have a lot of fun ¨hunting¨ ¨shades¨

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There are many people who do so much for this community who deserve to be recognized and thanked @ocd @good-karma @ecency @pixresteemer #archon @taskmanager @galenkp @annephilbrick @melinda010100 @nelinoeva; As you can read, there are many who contribute their grain of sand to make this community work, I also want to contribute mine; 10% of the proceeds will go to this wonderful ¨ShadowHuntersCommunity¨: 

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Due to the presence that is distributed throughout the city, we could call my city The ¨City¨ of the ¨palms¨!

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On weekends we love to go out for a walk as a family, that's when we take the opportunity to ¨hunt¨ ¨shades¨, (actually my wife and my son do them) This week we focus in ¨hunt¨ ¨sombras¨ de ¨palmeras¨

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This type of ¨trees¨ is widely used to decorate the city, mainly boulevards, squares and parks; Its special glass projects beautiful ¨shadows¨

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I really like this challenge, it allows us to spend time with the family and have a lot of fun; We took these beautiful photographs with a ¨Nikon Coolpix B500¨ camera.


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Fantastic shadow of palm trees!!!
Here in California, there are many palm trees, maybe not as much as in your country, but enough to give that tropical ambiance!

the palm trees are very beautiful, they decorate the unfinished spaces very well, it is the reason that it is used in much of the world
I really appreciate the enormous support you give me dear friend @ silversaver888

I really enjoy seeing your palm trees and their shadows! It makes my day feel a bit warmer! Thanks for the benes! It really helps a lot.

Hello dear friend @ melinda010100 good night
My city is quite warm all year round, usually the sun predominates.
I appreciate with all my heart your kind words and this pleasant visit
have a beautiful night

Great shadow hunting here mate, keep up the good work!

Thank you very much @galenkp for your kind words
happy that it was to your liking
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night and a happy rest

Thanks mate, and have a great weekend.

wow sir such an amazing photographs you have shared 😊♥️🙏

Thank you very much dear friend @bhattg you are very kind

Truely it is city of palms and you have shown us some really nice photos.

Hi, @jlufer
Excellent photographic work, dear friend.👍

how are you dear friend @sayago good day
I appreciate with all my heart your kind words, you are very kind
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day. what do you enjoy very much

@jlufer - !ENGAGE 25

How are you dear friend @andyjim I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Saturday