Shadow Hunter Contest 168- A Walk around the House and Looking at a Nest

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Good Day Guys

Let me share with you parts of my day. Wednesday is my day off every week. Usually, in the morning, I go to my patient's house at around 8:45 am but the family canceled the session because they had to do important. When I woke up I used my computer. My dad told me that one of our Kuya's found a beehive on a tree and put it in one part of the house. My brother told him that if that's a beehive let them live peacefully.

We were curious about it my brother so we went upstairs and looked at it. As we were approaching we noticed that it was in the plastic bag. We were wondering why? We went closer and my brother said "Oh crap, these are not bees". I looked closer and my brother said that this was a hornets' nest. We were terrified knowing that it wasn't a beehive. But the bigger question was how the heck did he get it.

While we were looking at it, our Kuya passed by us and told us why and how he got it. He said that he got it because the person who helps our grandparents got stung by one of them when she was harvesting some sayote in that area. So he looked for the nest and he was able to spot it. He then got a huge plastic bag and decided to go there at night. He told us that he extracted it during the night and placed the whole nest inside the bag. He even went near it and he was shaking it. When he shook it, the whole colony came buzzing out and the sound of their buzzes was uncomfortable. He then left us. I also tried poking the nest with my finger and they would constantly react and go outside of their nest sounding so angry.

Me and my brother was thinking of ways on how to kill that nest, we were really tempted to burn it. But we just told our kuya to get rid of it. That was me and my brother's shadow looking at the plastic bag.



While we were there, I was looking around for other cool shadows to take a photo of, I spotted this thing that looked like a cluster of worms. It really looked mesmerizing to look at.

The shadow came from the orchid that was hanging. We were hearing weird noises coming from the plastic bag. We looked at it with my brother and we noticed that one hornet was starting the chew the plastic trying to make a hole. We were like Damn these insects are really intelligent. We just told our kuya about it just in case. That's one thing that we are scared of getting swarmed by these insects.


We then went to our grandma's garden just looking at stuff. I was able to take a photo of the shadow coming from one of the trees. This tree provides a lot of shade. I can't imagine if there's no tree there providing some shade. I also think that the lawn needs to be cleaned soon with all the leaf litter.

We were also watching our kuya chop one of the branches of the tree in our place. I was trying to predict where the branch would fall and I said that it would it the dragon fruit plant and I was right. If you compare the 2 photos below you would see that the plant at the right side flattened a little. The moment the branch hit the ground I flinched. My brother asked me why did I flinch?



We were walking around and we spotted one of the cats that live in our compound. His name is Fracture. He's the dad of our cat named Yoda. He has been with us for a very long time already. We usually feed this cat. This cat is really a kind cat, whenever you go near him and sit beside him. He would hop on your lap.

If you look at the tree on the left side, that's a macopa/ java apple tree. It's starting to bear fruits already. I can't wait for that season, though the only disadvantage of that season is when some of the fruits would detach and roll going down which would make a mess.


This is the shade that it provides. Sometimes when we ran out of parking this is where the others park so it's shaded.
Before we went down, I took a photo of the basketball ring in our place. You can already see from the shadow that the net is already destroyed. One of the cats in our place photo bombed it, her name is Shaka. My cousin named her. She's actually the mom of Yoda. We also feed her. That ended my walk outside.
After my walk, I really felt crappy. Wherein I had a difficult time breathing through my nose because of my clogged nostril and a stuffy nose. Ever since I got Covid-19 one of my sinuses was blocked and it and it was just switching from left and right and this feeling really sucks. It's been 8 months already since I recovered and it still is the same. I was supposed to meet up with my girlfriend but I felt really bad so I told her that I can't go and she understood. So I just slept during the afternoon.

I really feel bad for our dog named Pierre, we noticed that he was limping, we were looking for a cause and we finally found it. His footpad was torn, so it must be really painful if he puts his paw on the ground. My sister cleaned the wound and bandaged it. I really hope that he gets well soon.

I hope that you guys had a wonderful day. Continue keeping yourselves healthy!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .




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Good to get rid of that nest

Love all the shadows and seems the cat wanted to feature

Read up on paper wasps. It seems they are beneficial for the garden. It's good to avoid them, but unless they are a threat, just leave them alone.

Your did some great Wednesday shadow hunting!

Thanks for the suggestion. We had to move it somewhere else because that's where we harvest some vegetables and with the nest there, there are chances that they might sting us

Thanks again for giving us this opportunity! A day of shadow hunting is always fun

I hope you are feeling better today!

Thanks! I feel a lot better compared to that day. May you have a wonderful day! Keep safe always!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the curation. Thanks for giving us this opportunity!