"The Last Reflection of the Sun (With A Thought) ":- Round 14 Contest Entry of Reflection Hunter

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Sitting on the bank of the lake beside my house was thinking, why the small wave of the lake creating a beautiful reflection of the Sun when it seems to set down? By that time I was not getting any response from my logical brain because my mind was busy feeling the beautiful reflection of the sunset into the small wave of the lake.

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Suddenly my logical brain started working. By ignoring my thinking command, it started to give another command to my mind. Wasn't it beautiful scenery why you are wasting your time not capturing this beauty on your smartphone? After having a working command from my mind my whole body became busy doing it as per command.


Resulting today I'm very capable to share such a kind beautiful sunset reflection into water capture with you all.


Sometimes our brain doesn't respond as per our expectations. When it was busy to receive some pleasure it takes full control over itself.


Let me explain it with some practical situations in our life. Suppose today you are going to attend a job interview. Already you set up your mind when you were going for sleeping in last night. Your mind will help you to get up early from the bed before your set alarm ring up. When you get up from bed, from then your brain started to become nervous till finished your interview. The moment before facing the interview board you must send several commands to your brain don't be nervous, be easy, be relax but your brain is not going to work as per your command so that you have to face the interview board having nervousness on your face.


What we should do in these cases? Very simple what I did when my brain ignores my thinking command, I started to capture photos by my smartphone as like that if our brain starts become nervous just support it, acting like you are nervous form the begging, after a while, your nervousness will become the normal action and it will convert by confidential face look before your interview.

Be responsive to your mind when your brain doesn't receive your command.

Thanks, @ocd team for introducing me to such kind of great community.

Thanks for being with me.


What a lovely picture of sun's reflection in the lake.
You did a good job capturing it nicely. Well done for that.
The talk about the brain if also interesting. Surely our brain can start controlling our behavior even when we want something else. for example if you see something coming towards you, your natural reaction would be to stop it even though you know that it's not going to hurt you. similar if someone pretend to slap you, your body will react no matter how much you tell your mind that this is not actually happening.

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Thanks for your sweet comment.

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Great photos!

Thanks a lot.

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