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A great privilege to be partaking in the #OCD contest for the first time. I learned the community highlight another community every week with contest questions and requirements.
For this week, they highlighted the #HiveBookClub community.
And three interesting questions were asked, which are;

(1) If you were making a movie based on a book, what book would you choose and why?
(2) Has a book ever transformed yourself and your life?
(3) What is your most favorite book and why?

You can click here to check out the contest and read the rules.

Books! Who doesn't have a form of connection with it?
One doesn't necessarily have to be a bookworm to be either emotionally attached to a book or have a few which has impacted their lives.
Reading books isn't something everyone loves to do but I would say, you should get that knowledge, so sorry, get yourself a book to read, it helps sometimes.

Speaking of a favorite book(s), I have a handful of them and I couldn't tell which I should make use of for this contest. You know I am a big fan of Ben Carson's books and I have read a few of his publications.
But for this contest, I wanna share a book I read from one of my female authors Joyce Meyer, her books are good as well.

The book I wanna share today, I read it when I was a little younger.
You know teen/youthful age is a time that many trying things would come up. The energy, the excitement, the exuberance of finally becoming a teenager/youth.
That stage comes with its own fun and agony as well.
A time with lots of peers pressure, loneliness, emotional pains etc

The title of my favorite teen book is Teenagers Are People Too
Yes, you got that imagination play out well, you must have been guessing why I was talking about the teen/youthful stage, now you know the reason.



Some parents make the mistake of disregarding their teenage children. Some make the mistake of trying to force things on them, force decisions on them, and make them learn certain things the hard way.
Joyce Meyer uses herself and her family as an example to write this book to us.

There are ways to manage teenagers without making them feel unwelcome, unloved, and most of all without making them feel they are less important to you and even in the sight of God.

There are eight chapters of the book with different categories and varieties of topics to look at with scriptural backups.
The first chapter talks about unconditional love and acceptance.
And this chapter features David, Meyer's son who longed for the love and acceptance of not just his parents but God.

He wanted to feel the same way his parent felt about God, he wanted to experience that in-depth joy and satisfaction, but on the other hand, it felt like he was being pressurized. His parents didn't accept his ways of living, he was rebellious and living a comprising life. He knew he wasn't living right but he also needed the space and time to make his own decisions. Yes, his parents gave him that and in the long run, he found what he has been yearning for and finally became successful in his field and call to ministry.

One lesson that chapter has taught me is that no parent can force a child to love God. The only thing they can do for their children is to pray for them that God himself, the creator directs them their steps and make them find and choose the right way and path to follow.

When Joyce finally realized this, he forgave his son, kept praying for him to come to the knowledge of God and be who God designed him to be and be where he has called him to be.

Chapter Two Of the Book talks about emotional pains and disappointment.
Accepting those pains, forgiving yourself, and moving on with your life.
The sad truth is that most times, teenagers find it very difficult to forget their hurts, their pains or even forgive themselves for whatever wrong or mistakes they have done.

Joyce Meyer encouraged teenagers and youths to tell God all about their problems, their hurt, their emotional pains.
She backed it up with scripture, Isaiah 61:3 which states; To grant [consolation and joy] to those who mourn in Zion—to give them an ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment [expressive] of praise instead of a heavy, burdened, and failing spirit—that they may be called oaks of righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing with God], the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.

Again she used herself as an example, how she endured the painful stage of her life and how she finally gave up all the hurt to God the father to take over from her and help her find peace, joy, and happiness.

In chapter three, confronting fear is the caption.
As a teenager, she encouraged them to stand up to their situations and confront those that need to be confronted and not become shy and timid or afraid of anyone.

The scriptural backup was 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us. The Spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.

Overcoming the past the review of chapter four of the book.
Often we are aware of the mistakes of the past, young people are aware of their mistakes, and most times they are hunted down by their past. And this has been the devil's means of making God's original plan for a man's life to die off.
Overcoming the past is one key thing a person should be able to do for themselves. Wallowing in self-pity would only keep one trapped in the things that make them sad and this often leads to one committing suicide in most cases.

Other chapters of the books have astounding topics discussed as well. I would have really loved to review and give a summary of the whole chapter, one after the other but no I don't want to do that so you can read the book for yourself or better still get it for your teenage daughter, son, relatives or even friends. It could really be of great help and benefit to them.

You never can tell the areas or things those young ones are suffering from and can't share it with the elderly ones, or their parents.
Inasmuch as they are humans too, they also have the same blood running through their veins. Pressure shouldn't be exerted on them or decisions imposed on them.
They should be given the chance to make their decisions as well and better their lives.

It wouldn't be so nice to live a robotic kind of life that you are always being ordered and pushed around. Teenagers Are People Too! and they should always be given that chance to be seen, heard, and known as people and not some kind of robots with remote control.

This will always remain, my teen favorite book, and I recommend it for every teenager out there. Please help a teenager in your home, in your community, and the society at large.
Give Joyce Meyer's publication a good read and you won't be disappointed.

Such an opportunity to reminisce and digest the contents of Joyce Meyer's publication once again thank you, #OCD, and #HiveBookClub for an opportunity like this.
I use this medium to encourage people to read books, reading really help transform people's lives and don't just read books, read good books and your life would never remain the same.
And remember you don't necessarily have to be a bookworm, but once in a while give reading a try.


Nice read, we all make those mistakes of forcing something on our kids or avoiding them, but as you and the author says, Teenagers are people too :)

Thanks for sharing, I like that first image in your blog, it's eye catching.

Have a good day :)

Yes, they are also people and we should let them have a chance and say concerning their lives as we watch them grow and pray for them too. Thank you and thanks for stopping by

Very much agree with you :)
Look forward to the next blog on next contest from OCD, have a good day :)

Yeah! Thank you and thanks for stopping by

I haven't read any of Joyce Meyer books. I will surely give this book a shot. It sounds like the book I read, The Poet X, where the teenager main lead has a controlling religious mother.

Lol, it's funny how you call her a controlling religious mother.
Yes you should give it a try
Thanks for stopping by!