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Namaskar / Hello to hive user I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones

I am back here with a new Topic that is Knowledge Is Power

Is Knowledge /information power? No it just not power, Can it develop into power? Yes, it can. How can it turn into power? It turns into energy when one learns the best way to apply it!!

Information accommodates stuffed with useful info which might be successful of fixing one’s life, but when one doesn't know the way to use or apply it, that information is pretty much as good as ignorance! Subsequently data per se is devoid of any power, but has the potential to grow to be power. Data turns into energy within the arms of the one who makes use of and applies it. The information of making use of the data is known as Skill-sets. With out studying skill-sets, data turns into ineffective and therefore, powerless.
So what makes an individual actually highly effective relies upon upon how and the place he makes use of his skill-sets and competencies to use the data he has acquired – the Purpose turns into extraordinarily important. That is the rationale some leaders are feared whereas the others, liked and we name such leaders “great influences”
Skill-sets with the ‘knowing’ the place the newly acquired data can obtain one in life is known as ‘vision’ and when it's utilized with the intent of ‘changing lives in a optimistic way,’ makes but also any individual, but corporations too massively powerful.

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It's information and skills-sets put collectively build one powerful. If one is missing, different is ineffective and such an individual turns into powerless. Now, can data and skill-sets put collectively craft you highly effective actually The reply is not necessarily. That is because data doesn't know what is sweet and bad, proper and wrong, acceptable and inappropriate. Within the palms of a crooked scientist, data might turn out to be an indomitable weapon of destruction and intimidation.

credit goes to of course google and other websites which I have used to read articles thanks a lot to all the amazing bloggers to share such an amazing stuffs.

Thanks a lot for being here, I hope you find something new here. Let me know what you think.






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