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Great video Eliana!

I believe that people do not realise one thing when they start to "play" with Hive. On Hive you can earn money but the money doesn't come by itself, you have to work for it like anywhere else. What we do on this platform is for many already the Plan C or D and we should consider it as such. We should consider it as a kind on job and behave like it was a kind of job. It's actually a great job where you can interact with very interesting people but it's a job nevertheless.

If you invest only 5 minutes per week, it's normal that you won't make much out of it. If you invest 10 minutes every day, you will do already much better. In the end it's only when you are ready to spend one or several hours a day that this activity will become a successful one and after some time it will start to pay more than a couple of cents...


Consistency and patience...and things will get better!
I started running to help my weight loss journey. Am I seeing results right on the first week? Maybe nothing much but if I keep running I will eventually run for long periods and hopefully lose some weight! It takes some time and hard work but will be rewarding in the end! Here on Hive is no different!
Thank you for your comment :)


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