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I've been inspired by my friend @ph1102 who has created a hive commercial and the join Hive Marketing Video Contest. However I didn't want to make a video about the referral contest but about Hive itself.

Join Hive today

What sells best? - statements of happy users

I took this experience from ecomerce and affiliate marketing and tried to translate it into the video. What is the best ad for this blockchain? It's the feed-back of it's users. That's what I tried to do here.

I've taken 3 statements that I have found on the blockchain that show how Hive is important for their lives and how it can give hope to people .

For me Hive is probably the only blockchain that can change lives...

Hive referral contest

There will be a referral contest upcoming on Hive. It will start on september 1st and go till september 30. Look at this post to get more info about this contest.

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WOW! Awesome video, Achim! This was very moving & it is so true. Hive literally helps so many people on different levels, but those testimonials are absolutely life affirming. :)

Thanks to you & @ph1102 for showing how important our blockchain really is for us owners. :)

Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back. It's always difficult to keep an objective view when doing such kind of work. You tend to believe that you make something great but then when you look at the result a couple of times, it doesn't look so great anymore...

LOL Believe me, I get that completely. Sometimes you KNOW you have a gem & other times, you think "what the hell did I just create?" 😂🤣

Rest assured, you do GREAT videos & this ones was exceptional. 😉

Thanks a lot :-)

Thanks for the mention, but all the credits for this video are going to Achim! He did a great job!

Love this man 👨

Short and Sweet.

HIVE is the protocol that changes life.

Thanks a lot for the feed-back!

This is awesome man. So empowering!

The world needs Hive!

Thank you and yes the world needs Hive!!!

Great job man!!! Love it!👏👏👏🙌💪🔥

Thanks a lot for the feed-back!

very nice initiative @achim03 and a great video.
You have nicely captured a nice positive vibe in the video

Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back!

That video looks amazing, Achim! You have shown in it "How HIVE is changing lives!"... Thanks for creating it!

And I'm so glad that you got inspired by my video which was more like a "freestyle video" as I didn't have an idea what I'm doing at the moment... :)

Anyways... I have to say it again... You have done an outstanding job with this video!

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Thanks for the great feed-back man and the inspiration :-)

This is a great video entry! Thanks so much for making it!

Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back!

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