I Am Alive challenge Day-324 As a precaution, I isolated myself at room for one week..

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a great week ahead..
This is my #iamalivechallenge update. Previous one week has been very tough for me due to panchayat poll.. First I participated in various poll training after that played my role as prosiding officer.. One day before I returned from there and since then I am not feeling well.. some fever and weakness I can feel. Although it is not symptom of Corona but as precautions I am keeping myself away isolating at room.. Holidays going on here yet I cannot go my hometown..If all goes well, I will plan to go home in the next week. There is a slight fear of pandemic in everyone's mind who participated in Panchayat poll. Let's see ehat happens in coming days..
Hope my all friends doing well to keep themselves safe..

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hello dear friend @certain good afternoon
I am very sorry for the situation that is happening, but rest assured that nothing will happen, without a doubt a common cold. you have the protection of our creator
have an excellent afternoon

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