FanBase vs Curation Trails equals Quality over Quantity

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

This might be a thing that everyone will talk about at least once in their blogs, I just didn't have the chance to throw my own post ahaha

In fact, I vlogged it!

Curation Trails are pretty cool when you have enough Hive Power to go with someone you know they will upvote good stuff and you get some good curation rewards.

However, it can reach a point that you won't get rewards worth enough to spend your Voting Mana.

Fan Base might be the best solution. You have a group of people that you know will throw good quality content and sometimes nicely rewarded! You reward them with a proper/deserved upvote and you get rewarded with good curation rewards! Wins everywhere!


Hive vote is a useful tool when you get to that stage with Hive Power enough to vote a bunch of people and don't have time to do manual curation so you either trust someone with a percentage of your vote to vote other posts or you reserve a percentage of your vote to someone who creates everyday and good quality content and this last one normally is a smaller group of people than the curation trails and so you might have some extra voting mana to go do manual curation in your spare time!

Right now I'm sticking to more quality instead of quantity!

What's your stick? trails, fans, or total manual curation?

I would love to do all manual but sometimes I feel bad that I missed a certain post! Glad that we still have 7 days to upvote but even so, lol

Thank you so much for watching and reading!



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I do go about manually though there are on busy days that I think about it
Yes, I too appreciate the curation trails but I know where you are coming from :D

I try to balance the best of both worlds but I do miss going through the feed to check for cool posts and engage with them and upvote. But it's been those kinds of days that you wish you could be an octopus for extra hands ahahaha


Oh Yes!! octopus hands would be nice hehe

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I am going to lean toward the fan base going forward. And I think it's better to control my votes. Just gotta get Hivesigner to work. Don't know why I have so much trouble with it.

I believe it's because it asks for the active key instead of just accepting the posting key.
Maybe I'm crazy about giving away to them but hivesigner works fine for me lol


Hello, Eliana!
I see! They like to challenge my patience. LOL!
One of these days I will get back in there.
It's on the list.
Have a great day!😀

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Good Morning and Thank you, @misterengagement! Enjoy your day!😀

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Thank you I find this strategy very useful. Hive Vote looks to be a very interesting tool. The tags you use ie POB do you put them in the body of your post or in the topic section of the posting form?
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You're welcome!
It depends on the frontend actually.
I posted through 3Speak because of the video and they have a tag section to add them:

If you are on peakD is like you say, on the topic section:

If you are using CTPTalk or other tribe with similar frontend it will say tags:

Why they have different names? I don't know 🤣

Hope this helps :)


Thank you so very much it helps a lot 😀

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I'm actually against curation trails and delegation. To me it removes the POB aspect and starts to centralize everything. That's just my opinion though. I know not everyone is actually going to go around read content and vote good quality posts that would be a perfect world. Maybe one day lol

geez right when I use the POB tag for the first time lolol

Oh well..I do understand your point hence my slowly step back from the trails. In fact I might add you to my fan base because you post good stuff lol

In a perfect world I would clone myself like some of us creating accounts for each tribe 🤣 and manual curate forever!


lol, it's all good POB tag is a must!! ;) I have noticed that recently It's there way of only with those tokens. I'd rather there be a single UI where I could select how much of what vote each tribe goes to but even that would be complicated. Would be a nice feature though.

The near thing is the vote multiplier on Leodex but last time I changed I messed things up and right when they were updating something and have that page down for days and no way for me to change back. My CTP voting mana went down to 27% for a while 🤣🤣

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Best solution some best curation rewards