To my CTP Blueprint Family - I need YOU!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

This post will be for my members of CTP Blueprint!

Because having myself saying BP is the best is not enough!

People will believe more if there are members talking about the program!

So I need your testimonial to add on CTP Blueprint Homepage!

Your honest and best review/ feedback about the program!

With valuable content!

You can comment below and sign with your BP username or, if you want, sign with your name!

I will be print screening your testimonials and add them to the site!

Of course, as a thank you for your contribution, I will give you a treat:

The first 5 comments/testimonials I will be sending 1 CTP Miner!
The next few will get 100 CTP Tokens!

If you are brave enough, send me a testimonial in video format to my Telegram or Discord and I will give you a surprise gift!

Looking forward to reading your comments!

Thank you so much for your support!


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I have been a member of CTP Blueprint for a couple of months now and at first glance the site is something special.

I like how things are arranged and presented and because of that the site is unique. I haven't contacted Eliana much before but through CTP and her site now i talk to her regularly.

She is a very nice and simple person and whenever I have a question she is ready to help me to the best of her ability.She allways takes time for answers.I realy enjoy see every progress that she is doing.

Thank you

id mustangtraffic

Great initiative Eliana, I have written down a video testimonial for tomorrow, hope that I have the time to finish it, keep up your great work.

I'm joined in CTP blueprint it's great program for learn new members in ctp ,Good luck eliana 💪⚡

It is a great program that helps a lot. I personally use it now

This is a great idea for your site Eliana. I have been crazy busy the last few days trying to figure out a workable schedule but I will try to make a video for you over the next few days.

am i too late . yes I am .

You should see my video in your Telegram sometime late tomorrow, as long as I can solve my sound issue :-)

It is great work for big reward ☺️ great program 🤠