CTP BP Weekly Update #5 - Happy Monthssary CTP Blueprint!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Welcome to the CTP Blueprint Weekly Update #5!

So here are the updates of last week:

  • Added an intro video on the Free Membership Homepage! If you are curious here's the video:

  • Added a Click Track Profit affiliate link button on the Free Membership Homepage for a quick and direct link to it - make sure to add your CTP affiliate ID if you are already inside with either Guide or Video Memership so the new members can join under you!
  • CryptoTraffic4U, owned by Daniel Lawson, added CTP BP to it's Downline Builder, so make sure to join or add your CTP BP affiliate ID inside! - Thank you so much @djsl82!
    • For the Video Membership - Added a new video about basic Trading and Buying CTP Miners inside HIVE-Engine!
    • Changed a bit of the information inside the Commissions Page.

    And that's it for the updates!

    If you have any requests or help with something that I can do and add on the program to improve and give more value, feel free to comment below or drop me a line on Telegram!

    Make sure you follow CTP BP on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ctpblueprint/

    Happy Monday!

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    wow has it been a month already ???
    that's pretty epic, time flies when your having fun

    I know right?!
    And so many things to do, improve and create!
    Thank you for being so supportive this far!

    can't believe it as been a month already.

    Much congrats Eliana about CTP Blue Print

    Thank you Bonnie! Time flies when we love what we do :)

    Happy 1st Monthssary to CTPBlueprint! Those are some nice additions to the program! Thanks for the updates and all the hard work you're doing!

    You're welcome!
    Thank you for being supportive this far!
    And there's so much more to come I promise :)

    Happy 1 Month!!!!!

    And here's to a few thousand more 😀

    Thank you!!
    I'll be haunting you forever muahaha 😁

    LOL Hey, keep crushing it...It's been awesome to watch your growth!!

    I didn’t think it was a month already. Nice!

    Thank you! Time flies :)

    No problem at all @elianaicgomes. Congrats on your first month success, and many more to come! and TY for the mention 🙂

    We will celebrate yours soon!
    All the best and success to you Daniel!

    Congrats on the Monthssary!

    Thank you!

    Great one Eliana.I love your videos.You are amazing.

    Aw shucks thank you so much! Crazy though that now I like to do vlogs ahaha
    Thanks for commenting :)


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