#2020Vision Day 129 of Moving On! Powered by @pixiepost

in hive-181335 •  2 months ago 

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Please check @pixiepost's latest post where got me inspired to do this.


I think it is time to move on and end this Challenge how it started..

With MonkeySquats!

You will see me and David do it once more :)

This is not a goodbye!

You won't get rid of me that easily ahaha

Happy Tuesday!


Stick to Yourself!!


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Thanks for the mention, Eliana!

I did start with video creation before the #2020Vision challenge, but it helped me a lot with consistency, daily creation, and a lot of other things...

and, when I say a lot of other things, I really think a LOT...

Big thanks to @pixiepost for creating it, and big thanks to everyone for participation and support!

Yeah my memory is failing a bit I think it was Bradley who start to vlog with it..
But anyway, did help us all i think :)

yes, it is.. more than we can imagine... ;)

Hi Eliana, this was another video where I had a really hard time hearing you. I don't think it is on my end because I can hear others fine. I miss your vlogs. I always enjoy them.