Happy Birthday CTP Blueprint!!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Welcome to a Special CTP Blueprint Weekly!

CTP BP turns 1 year old today!!!


To celebrate I got a little present ready!
I'm relaunching the 3 Steps to Success Ebook!
And it's much much better than the first one!

Inspired by the 3 Steps No Excuses challenge that Jon threw last month, which of course joined the and documented everything!
Not only I learned so much more about Click Track Profit as well as ListNerds and Plus1Success, but was also very rewarding in so many ways!

More ideas and content to add inside CTP BP!
One of the ideas already implemented was the video series My Plus1!
The Ebook is the second, that is why this edition is called:


Where I do a more in-depth walkthrough on the first training modules everyone should get into when starting on CTP!

If you want to jump in right away, click on the image above to download the Ebook :)

Thank you so so much to everyone supporting me so far and I hope I never let you down! I'll keep working hard as much as I can!


This week's My Plus1 series is Day 5 - Connect with Someone New!



Asking my fellow members for testimonials! I will give you a treat!



Don't forget to Like @clicktrackprofit's Facebook page, as well the CTP Blueprint Page to get notified by the webinars coming live!




Thank you so so much for your support!!




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1 Year! Amazing!
So glad to see you succeeding online.

I've downloaded the new ebook already. Was reviewing it now. :D

Thanks so much for all you do.

Thank you so much for your support!
Hope the ebook has more value than the first one :)

Let me know your feedback when you can!


I will. I see you have a couple of reviews. I should write you one as well. Let me add that to my stack. I'll get you one. :)

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Happy Anniversary Eliana, one year with CTPSB is just fantastic, also downloaded the new ebook as well and will read it as soon as possible, enjoy your Sunday.

Thank you so much Erik!
Hope you enjoy it 😁



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Congratulations on reaching the first anniversary of CTP Blueprint @elianaicgomes - I just downloaded the ebook and will check it out on Monday. :)

Thank you so much David!

Hope it has more value than the first one 😁

Feedback is welcome when you can!


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Congratulations!! for celebrating first birthday.

Thank you so much 😁


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Make sure to watch till the end. You might be in for a surprise lol. I don't know if I have time to check it out but good luck and happy birthday on 1 year.

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Thank you so much for watching!
No rush, I will be around for another year at least lol


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Big Happy Birthday to CTPBP Eliana, may it have many happy returns.

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Really do love your CTP Blueprint program so much I upgraded, and will have you testimonial soon 😀

Aw thank you so much Chris! Apreciate it!
Hope it helps you on your adventures and I'll be waiting for feedback :)




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elianaicgomes69 The King and his kingdom sends belated Birthday greetings! WOO HOOO party time!


Have a miraculous Monday and a blessed week!

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Happy Birthday CTP Blueprint