Engagement in Your Online Business

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Tonight in Trafficleads2incomevm Online Marketing Mastery we took on the different layers and levels of Engagement in your Online Business. We offer lots of opportunity at http://www.trafficleads2income.com and our success plan is at http://www.robgehring.com/mms

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This was a good topic and one of the things I struggle with. When I am ready to do something I don't need conversations I just go. I don't like the idea of chasing after people to make them move forward and that's what it always feels like for me.

Thanks for the honesty here Lisa. Some key takeaways. You mention how you do things. Sometimes we project that to others. As I said in the presentation, you are part of the 5% trying to help the 95%. It's much harder to be the 5% trying to find the 5%. Does that make sense?

Great information as always Rob, with all the levels of engagement the deeper you go the more you stand to get from it.

Thanks for bringing up this important topic!

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Thanks for bringing back the lost art of Engaging our audience! Rock on, Rob!