IAmAliveChallenge | I Am Alive - Day Twenty-One

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My #iamalivechallenge videos are now on the third week! Amazing, don't you think? Yeah, even I am surprised how much time has passed.

With the consistent extension of our lockdown, I get a feeling that politicians in government are waiting for the virus season to pass, at the expense of the public. G R R R!

So, it was another pet supplies run for me today. It's an every other week thing. Also, I took two short clips to show you. Plus, it did rain a little (boohoohoo) in the afternoon. I was indoors by then. I was kinda hoping for heavier rains, but it just seemed like it drizzled. But it did help cool the weather down a bit.

I also talked about the things I miss.. and not. I do wonder if we'll ever get back to normal after this. Somehow I don't want to know the answer at this time...

This challenge is inspired by @flaxz. Thank you to CTP tribe and the HIVE community.

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Huh... We have (and will have) hard times... I hope that you will succeed to make some additional income from your online jobs and fulfill those holes from missing your offline job...

You are doing great on Hive, consider joining LBRY and post your video content there... It's free and you can collect more crypto... (you have link to it in all of my videos if you decide to do so)... Every coin more helps...

Wish you the best!

Cool suggestion! I will check out LBRY :)Stay safe!


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