The Cross Canada Adventures of Jongo - Day 4 - We Made It!

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We're half way done the cross Canada trip :)

We arrived in Toronto in the early evening after a fairly quick...6 hour drive from the 'Soo' to Southern Ontario.

To be honest, we didn't stop at all on the drive...We just wanted to get here.

So the plan is to stay around Toronto and do some sightseeing with Matthew and visit my father on Friday.

Tonight was a small reunion as a few of my high school friends met up and we shared to great laughs, memories and stories.

We'll keep you updated on our Toronto travels and then on Sunday....We keep going east!

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What you are not going to show him the east coast shame on you. How is he going to know what an ocean is if you do not show him one (LOL) Glad you made it to TO Have fun while you are there

Nah, he couldnt come. Has some appointments and things he has to take care of early July. Grateful he came this far with me though.

It can be quite tricky to differentiate cows from horses 😂. Thanks for the nice pictures. Great to learn more about your country! I just visited Vancouver. A part from that I haven't seen any other part of Canada.

Oh Vancouver is amazing. THe whole country has something unique about it....Love it here but I'm biased lol

I really loved my time in Vancouver. Canada is definitely quite unique, especially when you come from dense settles Europe. I can say that without bias ;-)

The trans-canada highway is always a sight to behold, look at the beautiful roadside. I'm sure your son knows the difference between a cow and a horse hahaha. Having the nice trip convo.

LOL Thanks man...Not sure if he does yet but I'll make sure to keep bugging him lol

Building memories is a wonderful thing--as well as connecting with old friends.

Agreed. So thankful I got to do this

Poor boy... :( Luckily for him, he is going back soon... by plane... alone... :)

Greetings for Matthew!

LOL Yeah I've been bugging him a little too much lol

Where did the Moose go?
Cows and horses sounds more like Texas.
Cruise On.

No moose...Thankfully. Last thing I wanted to do was run into one lol

Loving the journey Jon, some of those pics from Ontario remind me a bit of the Area I used to live, slightly different trees but just as lush and green :)

Thanks man, glad you are enjoying it. Yeah it's been awesome so far. Still a long way to go :)

New series - "Jongo The Animal Watcher"

They love me man, I'm one with the moose!

I heard you're quite the beaver hunter

LOL Oh no doubt....My profession outside of HIVE lolol

So just you and the dogs for the rest of the trip, sounds like fun.....

Yup, back on the road on Sunday...No more kid, which sucks!

What a fun road trip! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

For sure, it's been fun documenting it. The rest of it won't be as exciting, just because my kid won't be with me...He's been awesome to travel with.

It was nice for you to have that time together. Something that can't ever be replaced. Have fun getting the new household set up. Have a great rest of your weekend.😀

Look like you are fully enjoying the trip . Happy and Safe journey ahead.

So far it's been amazing. Thanks :)

you guys are making great time and great memories ;-) and entertaining us at the same time!

Thanks Janet :)

Yeah an amazing time I know I'll cherish forever. Hope he does as well!