A Day Trip To The Dover Fault

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I'm going to try to upload this video because it's a quickie :)

With 0.58 MBps upload speeds, I'm hoping this will show up :)

I've still got 2 videos ready to upload that will finish up the trip to Newfoundland, but today I took a day trip to the 'Dover Fault' in Dover, Newfoundland...

Amazing stuff, a geological gem about 30 minutes from my new home!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos and brief video :)

I'm a tourist in my new home lol

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I'm quite interested into geology ;-). Did I interpret it correctly that the fault is actually splitting the place in two and that the two parts are getting more and more separated (in geological terms) ?

Yeah it's the european plate and the north american plate....

Here's the techy info :)


Thanks for the link :-)

That looks great Jon, I did not know you moved to Europe though, very welcome to this part of the world.

lol Pretty close...I can see @elianaicgomes in the distance!

Well I would expect you to at least see her Fireball. 🔥🔥

Hiii neighbor! 🤣

Beautiful spot! Did you have your passport, or you were illegal immigrant in Europe? 🤣 just checking... :)

ha ha ha ha don’t call the authorities.

Clouds made The Dover Fault look beautiful, thank you for sharing this nice quickie. Enjoy your tour.

glad you enjoyed it. something different for me for sure. being a tourist here lol

Awaiting to watch them when uploaded

yeah once i get this internet set up it’s game on :)

Again a very serene location.

it really was a great spot.