The Cross Country Adventures of Jongo - Day 5 & 6!

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My home town!

I love everything about this place and have been the tour guide for my son over the past 48 hours...

I combined both day 5 and day 6 in this video....With a trip to multiple amazing food spots, Niagara Falls at night, the city and so much more....

Hope you guys enjoy the video...This was our last full days in Toronto....

Tomorrow Matthew flies back to Edmonton and I continue east through Quebec, and Maritimes....

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Still enjoying your roadtrip shares... with a special crush for Niagara Falls at night! But I'm sure I'd love to spend some time there just listening to that amazing sound. Can feel the vibration from here !

It was amazing...Definitely more memorable at night

Keep the videos coming. I am enjoying your cross Canada trip.


Thanks man, I've got a big one ready to go...Need to get better internet first to upload it lol

Wow what a blast you're having! The food looked delish & I literally laughed out loud when Mattie had the sandwich in his mouth, trying to talk 🤣🤣🤣

You found a different version of the Unicorn - the colorful Niagara Falls. It's beautiful! Nighttime rocks with sights like that. Lake Ontario was awesome too!

You also made me want Greek food again. We had an amazing restaurant in my NY hometown. The food was to die for & when I returned to visit the last time, I found out it was closed down, which bummed me out. Lol.

Thanks for sharing this whole Adventure with us. Awesome videos & we are all thinking of you. Safe travels. 🧚💗🙌

Thanks Jenn...I'm waiting for the ferry now to cross to Newfoundland. And Matthew is back in Edmonton safe,

Awesome! I saw your Twitter post. I haven't been on a ferry for years but really enjoyed it in the past. I am glad Matthew made it safe. Stay safe, too, & know we are all thinking of you 💚

My son will be moving to Buffalo next spring for school and I can't wait for all this virus stuff to pass so I can visit him and finally see Niagara falls in person.

It's an amazing sight...Epic in fact! You'll love it!

A lot of eating going on and no km's under the belt.
Niagara by night well that is a first for me never seen night shots before but it makes you realise how urban it is around there. No room for nature in this day and age.
Time to get out of Toronto before someone says life is back to normal and you get stuck in a traffic jam.

yeah man. thought it would be cool for my kid to see it at night. the lights they shine on the falls are amazing.

Niagara Falls, Tanks, Toronto, amazing sight seeing! Thanks for these nice pictures

For sure man. I’m having a blast documenting this :)

We are going to have to work on Jon's food logging skills. We needed a shot of what the Roti looked like inside after Jon has eaten about half of it and a shot of the doubles!! Looks like a great trip so far. It's been fun to follow along and live vicariously.

LOL I dont think the Roti lasted long enough to take a shot of it inside lol

Okay I am in shock no traffic in Toronto un heard of even 50 years ago Have fun and drive safe

I was literally in a small back up on Lake Shore for about 2 kms....That was it. Been driving on the 401, 400, 404 and QEW without putting my foot on the brake...It's insane! But I kinda like it LOLOL

Wow this video had everything Jon, Carwash check, Niagara Falls at night check, Tanks check, Double fist burgers check, Skyscrapers and Towers check, Big Lake check, that was awesome to watch.

LOL Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

Is "Maid of the Mist" still on?
Mist is really nice there.

Thanks for showing the Niagara.

As far as I know it is...Everything was shut down for Covid though...But pretty sure it was still going.

Great video with some awesome photos... You had a lot of fun... Just a couple of km more and you are there at your goal... and a bit of boating :D

lol yeah only another 3000 kms to go lol short drive ahead!

Canada has a lot of beauty! I have been to Toronto on a trip to a wedding in Vermont when I lived near Chicago. Bought my favorite knitting needles there over 30 years ago. Also went with the Professor on a business trip to Montreal about 20 years ago (again stopping to visit friends in Vermont on the way back home to North Carolina.)