The Cross Canada Adventures of Jongo - The Journey Is Complete!

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Wednesday night was the 'completion' of the cross Canada adventures....

My family arrived safe and sound and we were reunited after a full month away from each other....And I'm never doing this again LOL

As fun as the trip was, it was really hard being away from them for so long. But everything worked out in the end and we're here....Ready to start a new life and adventure here in Newfoundland.

Hope you enjoyed the journey with me and thanks for letting me share it with you!

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We probably should have a hashtag. #travelingincovid or some such. I didn't go as far as you, just covered the West US south to north and back again. It was an adventure to be sure.

I'm glad you've kinda sorta gone back to your roots. You've always liked the island and can already speak the language...

LOL Oh the language is unique for sure.

Yeah man, challenge for sure, but well worth it in the end. Great trip!

Nice batch of pictures

I like that the row of buildings in the first pic were all different colors :)

and that mini castle would make a nice Hoose

Great that you have landed, so to speak, and that the fam are all together, looks like an idylic spot, although the mini city is bigger than I thought it would have been :)

are you in the burbs or are you a bit out of town ???

Thanks for sharing Jon :)

Oh I'm like 250 kms away from the city now....Right in the bush LOLOL

Sounds epic!

I was in Calgary and Edmonton two years ago and absolutely loved it there. So much air and space. Beautiful country.

I really love Edmonton. Just time for me to get out of the city....Alberta was an experience and all my sons were born there. So it'll have a place in my heart for ever....Just time for a change :)

Thanks for the wave... Waving back to you! :)
🤣 🤣 🤣

LOL Nice....Only 3000 kms

Great to see that both you and your family has now safely arrived, enjoy the life on Newfoundland, and great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Thanks man....I'm close to Sweden now, I'll take a boat across LOL


I'm sure it's been a great adventure for sure! Welcome to your old, new home? Or something!

LOL Yeah something like that....Not sure what it is exactly LOL

Good it all worked out in the end, best of wishes for the new life and adventures.

yup. thankful for that for sure.

Nice. I guess trip ended well for everybody then.

Thanks yeah very glad it all worked out...Just way too long lol

Glad to hear you guys reunited after the journey...

And I'm never doing this again LOL

Never say never? :)

Oh I'll do the trip again....Just never being away from my family this long again lol

Yep, that makes sense! I miss my family when we're apart for a few days, not a whole month.

(@ericwilson here on my curation account) just wanted to give you my knee-jerk reaction to calling yourself "Jongo" - I love the branding :)

yeah man. wish i woulda secured the jongo account name here too lolol

glad you all made it safe and sound. Now time to work on the old part of the house jack up the one side so the place will be level . Stock up on the fire wood for the winter and have some fun.

LOL That part of the house might be a write off....Tear down and build it back up.

Best of wish s in your new life friend

thanks very much!