The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Stop Sitting On The Sidelines!

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It's going to be a little rough this week...

We're going to do some hardcore 'pushing'!

If you are sitting back, watching and not taking part in the community through constant engagement...You are missing out HUGE!

Quoting CTP Swarm legend @ph1002 - "Engagement is important, people... Actually, it is crucial for your growth!"

Stop sitting on the sidelines and START making comments!

Not only on this post but throughout the entire Swarm!

Simply click on 'New' and start building your reputation as someone who values community and wants to see it grow!

You are supporting your fellow community members but here's the kicker...

This is the BEST way to build your personal brand and reputation!

And oh yeah...We all 'pay you' to get active so...What are you waiting for!!!

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  ·  12 days ago (edited)

I really like this project about the 10k ctp token. I started on this road but got a bit sidetracked because of the steem - hive transition. I'm back at it and reached 3k with my ctp account. I've put some buy orders but it seems nobody want to sell their ctp ;-). I'll probably have to increase the price a bit!

Awesome to hear that man...Yeah it's an achievable goal for sure...But does take some hard work and perseverance

Thank you for all the support and encouragement, Jon. I have only been here for a few short weeks and yes, I'm still overwhelmed with all the information. Tokens which I didn't even know about and trading them... I have received tokens in my account which I don't even know where they came from, but hey, they are there.

10K Challenge? I'm still far off and trying to find some direction, but yes, I'll give it a go even though I'm still a small fish in the

What is the worst that can happen? I will at least end up with more than what I started with, which was zero just a couple of weeks ago and yet, I see growth every week.

Bam! Great point man...

That's all I'm thinking of it as...Accumulation. And everyday I'm getting more than I had the day before. It does increase big time the more active I am too :)

What a better day to reply here than you are now an Orca on HIVE! Woohoo!
They should change the level names to types of bees like Killer Bee or Busy Bee lol
You are the very best example that all this engagement and always be around and ninja kicking as you go is all worth it!
Now it's CTP Tokens turn!
I'm sure Crowhale have some space in the fence for you ;)
Thank you for everything and Just Keep Swimming!

Yeah I need to get up to 50k in CTP land quickly :)

Slow and steady!

Thanks for the mention, Jon! I appreciate it...

Just a small nugget about engagement... At the beginning of the year, I have put in my goals the number of Hive, CTP tokens that I want to reach, but also the numbers of followers here on Hive...

As time was passing by, the numbers for tokens were going up nicely, but followers didn't so much... and then we had a conversation of engaging and commenting, but not just that... We were discussing everyday commenting on posts from people "outside" our tribe, to the people that we don't know... at least 1-2 daily comments on posts from "new faces"... and THAT was a game-changer... Followers start to pile up... ;)

Support your tribe and friends, but don't forget to support new people also!

Huge point man, thanks for that.

Yeah I have been trying to do much more and reach out to everyone on HIVE.

I would love to see those hundreds of people in both Discord and Telegram just start here and then branch out...Gotta figure a way to get them here ;)

Hi @jongolson - This post and subsequent Video post is a point example of engagement and showing that people are capable of holding discussion and having something worthwhile to contribute.
without the encouragement to engage, the road to 10,000K would not be and people just wouldnt be getting there.

I for one encourage engagement and also as Zoltan said, engage with new people everyday if you want to see your following base grow and subsequently your value for your posts and as a poster.

Nothing beats good quality content :)


That’s the truth. And as much as I’d love to think everyone wants to comment for commenting’s sake...We’ve got to lead with good content and fun discussions.

Great to see some new people turn up last week and leave a comment on where they are up to on their road to 10k CTP.
Proves the point that it can be done by anyone.
I am glad it is Tokens and not CTPM that this covers.
I thought about going for 10k CTPM but I have put that one on the back burner as a hard one to achieve and will settle for 25% of that for now.
Till next week happy engagement people on your endeavours to your goals.

ha ha ha ha ha I'll start doing separate videos just for you man..The Road to 5k CTPM!!!!

Show is looking better every week with more comments. The more folks use ctptalk the higher ctp will rand in the dapp list so use more for your posting and commenting . Still looking for good content to up vote every day !

Thanks man...Yup I agree...Just gotta stir them up in Telegram lol

Great post buddy have a great one

Thanks man, appreciate you stopping by!

Congratulations to Zoltan @ph1102 on hitting 10k Hive. That's a great achievement.

Thanks, David! I will not stop there! :)

Dudes a legend!

Thanks for a great video Jon, and yeah that comment from @thisisawesome was me, if it's with the account itself it is always me.

Great advice about engagement, it is law of attraction really, if you want engagement then engage.

#LukeIsAlive is taking off too, with several new participants, I am thinking about an ebook just for that too.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Appreciate you man. Awesome work on so many levels...You are absolutely crushing it!

Trying my best, not always succeeding, but that is how I learn.

@jongolson thanks for sharing this. God bless. I try as much as possible to be very active and interact very well. So I will give it a try.

Appreciate that, thanks for coming by and dropping a comment in!