Thursday Night Live - CTPBluePrint Is Here!

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Action takers are hard to find....

Every now and again you find someone who 'gets it' and puts what they are learning into practice...

The crazy thing about the CTP Swarm (tribe) is that...It's filled with action takers :)

And tonight we got to witness one of them step WAY out of their comfort zone and dive into the world of program ownership!

Huge shout out to @elianaicgomes for the launch of her brand new program....

The CTP BluePrint!

We had a blast going over how she came up with the idea and the steps she took to develop this and take her entrepreneurial journey to a whole new level!

We're so happy for her and celebrated by supporting her launch today (and for the many many weeks that will follow....)

Check it out and be sure to help celebrate an entrepreneur taking a HUGE STEP forward:


Congrats again Eliana!

We are honoured to help support your Fire Shopping addiction LOL

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Good webinar and good program launch hope it brings you lots of success Eliana

Thanks for joining man and appreciate the support :)

You are welcome

Thank you so much!
I'm speechless with everything!
Living the dream ahaha
I just hope CTP Blueprint helps others to achieve success!
And thank you all to keep up my Fireshopping addcition LOL
This community rocks!

You are crushing it!

So awesome to help launch this....Day 2 is when we get to play ball and promote ;)

Great show everyone, and wow that is a great launch Eliana, just got signed up with the $7 OTO, keep up your awesome work.

Thanks man, I'll get you the bonuses added to your account today!


If no action is taken
No reward should be expected.
And thanks for always pushing people to success

Thanks for hanging out and leaving a comment. Appreciated!

It's nice to see a community member involved and took action... Way to go!

Tomorrow is the time to launch the second program... :)

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lol I patiently waited for everyone to send emails...No it's my turn ;)

Congratulations on the successful launch, Eliana! So glad I popped by yesterday. I was not able to upgrade at first, but @cruisin came to the rescue with a loan of 1100 CTP Tokens, so I've taken the $7 upgrade and started promoting the program on EliteDownlineBuilder.

I'm also going to plug it into my "Beginners Crypto Course" email series as it will help reinforce my intro to Hive / CTPTalk.