Thursday Night Live - Is Here!

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It's launch day!!!!

And at Thursday night's webinar we announced the launch of -

This has been a labor of love for both Blain and myself. And we're so pumped up to release this to the world.

Actionable, easy to follow daily habits that are designed to change your life...In 30 days ;)

But it will only work...If you do!


Be sure to check it out and start your journey on better results and bigger goals achieved!

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I will check it out

Awesome. Let me know what you think!

Great show Jon and nice to see +1 relaunched, habits are very important, I will get on this program soon too, just need to work out the best plan for my own promotions, products and all first, stay awesome.

Yessir, thanks for the comments sir.

Perfect potential for a new challenge ;) Complete with an end date after the 30 days is up.

New program alert! New program alert! New program alert!

Please proceed to the signup page, without pushing... Keep calm and advertise!

Great show!

LOL Yessir!

To the mooooooon!

I am in the process of an extensive self-assessment as part of interpersonal communication skills studies. I will check this out in the coming days. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome man, good to hear from ya too!

Yeah let me know what you think, would love your feedback!

Thank you for letting me know what to expect on your OTO at plus one!