The CTP Book Review - Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work by Piyush Patel

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As sad as this sounds...

I was actually sent this book 3 years ago to review for my blog by the publicity company representing the author...

And you'd think, given the title of it, I would have dove right in...

Welp, 3 years later...Here's the review!

I suck :(

But the book didn't!!!!

Hope you enjoy the return of the 'book reviews'...

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You know what what we need to do.

Do book review on 3Speak and Hive Blog and share it Twitter and tag the author of the book to bring HIVE Awareness.

  ·  6 days ago (edited)

This look a very nice plan for promoting Hive.

Jon is awesome as usual.

Thank you.

Let's do everything we can grow our Hive Network Effects

Yeah I did that when we were back on the blockchain that shall remain nameless...Good kick in the butt man, thanks. I'll do that for the next review for sure!

Wow! Thank you so much jon ☺️💪👌

My pleasure, books are fun ;)

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Badges!!!!! Love me some badges!!!

Hahaha there you go @jongolson! Another one for your collection 😉

Better late than never ;) nice review! the acronym is awesome!

Thank you kindly...Yeah I agree...Absolutely loved it!

Great stuff Jon!

Thanks you sir!