Clash of Opinions

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I have posted today on Twitter the screenshot of my PeakD blogpage, as there were some doubts about the engagement on the Hive blockchain... I didn't notice that at all, as our tribe is doing great in engaging with each other... I'm really thankful to all of you guys that are commenting on my posts and it is my pleasure to have great discussions in the comment section...

I have learned a lot from your comments and I'm trying to reward you with at least an upvote and reply... On the other side, there are a lot of great posts on the CTPTalk and we have some new faces that are just crashing it with great content! You should check them and encourage them with a comment...

How can you raise the level of engagement on your posts? As most of you are affiliate marketers, it is the same as the thing with writing and autoresponder emails... You have to create an interesting SUBJECT for your email, to provoke that your subscriber opens it. It's the same here, you have to create a creative, attractive, provocative TITLE for your blog post... By doing that, people will take a deeper look into your post, read/watch it, and maybe post a comment...

In your post try to create content that will "force" the reader to reply... Make a question, ask for an opinion... And of course, if you get a response in your comment, don't be lazy to reply... That is one more chance to start a deeper discussion and provoke another comment...

Oh, yes... One more thing... @bradleyarrow has mentioned today how someone asked him how he gets those "whale upvotes"? What is his secret?

  • Well, there is no secret... All you have to do is to show up every day, create ONE blog post, check what others have created, upvote them, and show appreciation for their hard work making a couple of comments... You will APPEAR on the "radar" of bigger fish and you will improve your chances of receiving those whale upvotes dramatically...

Thank you for your valuable time,


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It is true. It works. It really does. I am proof. Thanks for the mention my friend 😀

Your story is a great example of today's "microwave society"... Everyone wants everything NOW... in this second!
There is no easy button, just consistency, and work... Thanks for sharing that anecdote with others


Well done Bradley! Keep doing what your doing :)

Bradley is a hustler... :)

Great video and post Zoltan, and sorry that your headaches are back, but really nice thoughts about engagement and how to create it by adding value with content and title that people want to engage with, the fact is I have an idea that the #IAmEngaged if done right can be turned into a content discovery tool, just like you are recommended articles and videos on most other successful content platforms, that needs some work though, but if each person includes 5 engagements at the end of their posts or videos with links and description you are more likely to navigate on using those just like you select your next video to watch in YT from the right hand sidebar, keep up your awesome work.

I like the concept about it, and I think that I have mentioned something similar to Jon when we were on the old chain, that has on its websites... similar links at the end of the post...

I understand that this would be more "personal" and part of the challenge, but the final goal would be to implement something like that into the CTPTalk... and that would be awesome...

That would be great, especially if it can be made persistant across the blockchain.

Great post Zoltan - and an inspiration for my recent FRESH blog post -
I think that it is important to be able to express opinions and share knowldge and feel safe and ok to do so because the recipients are open to good healthy discourse.
Without good healthy discourse there is no moving forwards.

Sorry about the Headache, I know how they can be debilitating at times

... and I have enjoyed your post! I like to trigger others to do the work... :)
I've said 1 thing, and others add 10... After all that, I have a feeling that I'm lazy... :P

Sorry to hear about your headaches my friend on the other hand I'm happy to hear that you could go to the beach again. Is the situation in Spain getting back to normal?

I agree with you that differences of opinions are a great way to learn from each other but I believe it requires a certain open mind to actually profit from such experiences. If people act emotionaly or feel attacked, it seldom ends in a constructive manner.

The keyword is "open mind"... You nailed it! If you want to learn, you have to open your mind and information can flow into it... :)

ANd regarding Spain, it is getting back to normal, but with baby steps... There are still some stupid rules that have no sense, but I really don't bother with that... I can go out for a walk, and thats enough for me, for now... :)

Thank you for this Vlog today
I have always been a firm believer in good Discourse, expressing opinions is what allows for forward motion.

I also suffer headaches, usually brought about by eating too many things that bring my food intollerance levels up.
eg: oranmge might be good today but combined with the cutry I had last night I may just get a headache
Chocolate is always good, but combined with the tomatoes I had for lucnh and Bam :)

Hope the Headache gets better soon


hahahaha... I have never make connection between food and headaches... I don't mix stuff too much, so I think that it's not a problem...
I blame my monitor - eyes combination... but today was probably the strong wind...

Thanks for wishes, I do feel better now... ;)

It not necessarily the food combinations, , heaven forbid I mix chocolate with Tomato :)

More about levels building up over time

Say I eat Chocolate today, all is good, I eat Chocolate again tomorrow, all is good, I east chocolate the next day and bam.

there are a number of foods that can build up levels slowly,

Chocolate today all good, Orange tomorrow, all good chocolate the next day , Bam

There is a great book called 'Friendly Foods' written by Prince Alfred Hospital

:) Yes My Monitor does it as well, as well as possibly tightening of Jaw from riding a push bike in heavy wind.

also for me I know when one is coming on because everything seems very bright and I find myself squinting and that then exacerbates the headache :)

Oh, man... Sorry about my previous comment... I didn't laugh on headaches, as I know that they are annoying as f... Just your explanations were funny...

TBH, I didn't know about the connection between headaches and food... I will check out that link... interesting stuff..

ha ha, its all good, I knew what you were laughing at :) I know that someone that has headaches wouldnt laugh at them :)

Re the food intolerances, I was never aware of them and used to get a lot more headaches, and then when I realised and adjusted my diet a bit, I get a lot less,
I have a standard fruit that can bring levels down very quickly and that is pears. so if I want to have a couple of really good curries or indulge in citrus one week then I make sure that I balance it with something that brings levels down.

The other thing I need to probably do is stop buying 1.5x glasses from the two dollar store and get a proper script lol

The other thing I need to probably do is stop buying 1.5x glasses from the two dollar store and get a proper script lol

hahaha... My mother does that, ALWAYS!

I don't do that, but I didn't visit my ophthalmologists for years... 🤣