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I have created this vlog inspired by a chain of events that have happened in the past few days or better said, a series of events... First of them was a Twitter mini-drama that I have noticed when some of the Hive whales sabotaged one great idea which could change a lot of lives... Also, I was inspired by great vlog from @russellstockley where he talked about the personal responsability, but also with the words from @nathanmars where he named #Hive people by their real title, as "hive owners"...

If you add to all this some notes from the Crypto Mondays live webinar, by @jongolson, you will get the big picture how this vlog was created and what it is about...

But, to make things a bit closer to you, I will try to summarize a couple of things in this description... Before recording this vlog, my idea was to create the vlog comparing Hive blockchain (blog posting side of it) with tribes and communities... I have called that like comparing Hive with a mini-Hives... As I'm involved in the tribe the most I have put the accent on that tribe, but it's a very similar situation on other good developed tribes...

As the time for recording was closing by, I've got a couple of other ideas that were a perfect fit to be added to this video... Talk about the Hive whales, power shift, changes, growth, and a lot more... I would like to hear your opinion about these things, as it looks to me that we are currently in a very important moment of Hive growth, and with that also, the development of the ecosystem around it...

Check out the video...

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Great post Zoltan and thanks for the mention

I don't know why people are petty and oppositional, well yes I do, its because they are scared and Fear drives Ego and people get confused. Their Ego feels assaulted and they then take it personally rather than looking at the irrational fear that drove this.

Taking responsibility is the main stay of all positive direction and cannot be reinforced more.
People that use Fear as Power are not empowered and will never ultimately succeed

Growth is not something to be feared unless their is a vested interest in things staying the same and by staying teh same there is no growth and when it comes to HIVe, Crypto and Currency of any type if there is no growth there is less value

People that use Fear as Power are not empowered and will never ultimately succeed

I can't understand why do people try this over and over again when history showed the opposite... Okay... I will say like you... Yes, I do... 🤣

It's just the matter of time... and some people know what will be the end, but still from their perspective "buying time is profitable"... which is stupid short-term thinking inside the small egoistic box...

omg.. that was a rant :D

Enjoyed the video man...

I really believe you need to be a product of your product...Leading by example is something I think we should all do more of.

We want more engagement...Engage more.

We want better prices for Hive...Buy more.

We want more people in our 'CTP teams'...Promote more..


This is habit forming but it's also showing others that you practice what you preach!

Thank you for your kind words... And you are right about being a product of a product...

But, it's also important to try to lift-up new members and show them the right way... I know that it's all on them later, but it's nice when someone comments on your post when you are new, and say that it appreciates your work...

Some People are much more interested in how we divide the pie than how we grow the pie.

When pie is growing everyone will get richer.

That's a great comparison, Nathan! And it is like that, everywhere... Divide and conquer! But, it will not pass through on the Hive!

We have lots of great chefs and they are already making a lot of pies... :)

Great post Zoltan money is just energy at the end of the day we should distribute it out to get more back

Exactly... By distributing it well, you are getting more back!
Thanks for a great comment! I like that :)

We are so blessed to have such a fantastic community where we consistently uplift one another & encourage each other to grow while achieving our collective goals as well. Not many communities work together like we do & that's what makes CTPTalk unique! :)

We definitely should be held accountable for our actions (or lack thereof). It bothers me greatly when individuals who have power to do good & help others (or the blockchain, in this case) don't do so. When they care only about themselves or what they can get out of something, it serves no good purpose. I believe karma always comes back, but in the meantime, it's sad that they don't see how they are effecting others directly or indirectly.

That is when it's really important for all of us to learn from those bad examples & not repeat it. We have the power to do great things & positive impact the world even in small ways, but it's up to us to put that into motion. :)

Thanks for the thought provoking video, Zoltan. As usual, I couldn't agree with you more. Keep speaking your truth. Loving it! :) 💜

Well, the CTP Swarm is unique, that's for sure... But that doesn't mean that's impossible to happen in other tribes/communities...

All that you need is a couple of people that have no life and like to engage... 🤣 🤣 🤣

😂🤣😂🤣 Well, gee, that's one way to put it hahahah :)

Can you give the link to that twitter drama.
I fully agree with nathanmars view of growing the pie.

it was more "under the carpet" drama... There was an idea to do some charity project on Hive, but some of the witnesses were against... there were no names and shames... :) Tbh, I don't want to spread negativity...

That's fine.

What you are talking about here is human nature. People are selfish in bigger or lesser degree. And if they believe that they will loose what they have be it money or power they will fight to keep it.
But you are right that fight will make them self-destruct in the end.

But you are right that fight will make them self-destruct in the end.

It's always like that... If you check the history books, that is an imminent end... :)

In the end, you don't take anything to the "other world".

Thanks for the comment!

I've watched the video this morning on lbry and I haven't managed to leave a comment yet :-).

You point out something very true about human nature: There is a certain resitance to change. When we get a certain part of the pie, we just don't want that things change. It's the same throughout the world. People in power or at the good end of the economic side, will do everything that it remains like that and worse they will do everything possible to make sure that their part of the pie grows....

It's a difficult concept for people to grast that if other thrive it will be good for us as well, even if our part of the pie decreases...

People in power or at the good end of the economic side, will do everything that it remains like that

Yes... that bothers me a lot... But, it bothers me even more when I see these things here on the blockchain! Like, WTH?! We want to make a big change, but trying to follow the same rotten rules from the outside...

We have to create new view of the things, and embrace them... Then we will change somethings.. without that, we will integrate the same bad things in this awesome new opportunity...

We need a shift in paradigm and the courage to go for something new. It's a long and frustrating path to reach that but at least we have this option to bring up something better.

Great thoughts. We are all responsible here and should be held to those standards. If you're contributing, you are responsible if for nothing else then the space in which you contribute!

Thank you for your kind words! And, yes... Everything is connected... If you are responsible, you will take action... and vice-versa... Your taking action shows your will and effort to change something for better, and you become responsible for doing that...

I know that it can sound frightening, but it's the same in life in general... One of the most important things that I have tried to learn my child is to be responsible...

nice post @ph1102. thanks for sharing your views

Thanks for watching!

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