Unpleasant Surprise - Pixie Dust Hunt 3

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We are coming to an end of the Pixie dust hunt, and there are some signs that we are on the good lead... @pixiepost won 2 wheelspins yesterday, so it looks that our hunt is bringing some results... :)

My video starts a bit unusual this time, but stay with me while you watch it... Enjoy some time in the silence of nature, and we will be back to action promptly... :)

I have shared one of my personal childhood memories (or better said teenager memories)... I have moved a bit forward in the timeline from the last Pixie dust post, but we are still "on the water"...

Check out the video... ;)

Thank you for your valuable time,


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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and a lot of Pixie Dust saved here, running into snakes are usually not very fun, at least you did not hook any of them, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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Thanks for picking up my content as Awesome! Always a pleasure to see this guy in the comments :)

And, yeah... finding the snake on the hook would be a problem... someone would stay without the head... lol... Firstly myself, as I would freak-out... :)

What an awesome story! I am sure that was quite a surprise to find the snake! And thank you for joining the Pixie Dust Hunt! We will find it, for sure. Keep up the great work. You are Awesome! 👍

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@pixiepost - Comment Moderator

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OMG snakes... I hate snakes. Great story and lovely scenerie ;-)

Well... We share the same love toward snakes... lol... I know that they are mostly harmless (these that I saw are), but just don't like to see them at all... :)

Absolutely loved the scen at the start of the video, what a spot, wow

The story was cool as well, reminded me of one of my snake stories, of which I now have many, lol
what a surprise,
Thanks for sharing these special moments

Thank you for your kind words... And I do believe that you have a lot of snake stories... Surviving in Australia is an everyday battle with the most dangerous animals in the world...

Speaking of that... I can't understand how New Zealand is so "close" to Australia and their most dangerous animal is kiwi bird? :) Can you explain that mystery? :)

Looks like spot Erik might like to go fishing. I have seen many snakes while fishing both poisonous and non-poison. As long as you give them space and leave them alone you normally have nothing to worry about.

I didn't have too many experiences with them... and I would like that it stays like that... lol... Not a big fan... 🤣 🤣 🤣

Thanks for the comment!

I loved the peaceful & tranquil beginning. I am a sucker for nature & that looks like a perfect spot to spend time in. It was like I was right there with you :)

What a story....LOL. Poor snake was just chilling out, eating fish, minding his own business he he. I never was really scared of snakes but it doesn't mean I would hang out with them either 🤣 That whole experience would've definitely made me go somewhere else lol.

Your stories are awesome. I think my Pixie Dust liked it (or got scared lol)! Maybe the ducks were helping it along at the end, too 😉 Thanks for your help & for being you. ❤️

Yeah, the fishing place was great... and that one from the story was also great, except the snakes... :) They were not cool...

And I have almost catch that pixie dust, and those thug ducks stole it again... darn... :)

Thanks for sharing that story Zoltan! I know that #pixiedust is coming back!

Hahahaahah... That's funny, Lisa... Too funny, as I watched that Indiana movie a couple of days ago...

And snakes are on top of my most hated animals... :)

Zoltan, that was literally the first thing that popped into my mind when you said snakes. And then I used presearch to find the meme.

I am scared of them , I know most are not poisonous but why take chances?

hehehe.... same here... I know that these weren't poisonous, but I don't like to see them at all... :)

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