Worshipping Idols

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I have no idea where did I exactly get the idea to create a vlog about this topic, but if you observe our society from a "distance" you will notice that people like to have idols, and like to put their idols on the special "throne"... They can be presidents, CEOs, famous singers, models, sportspersons, actors, you name it...

Just think about it a bit deeper... Did you catch yourself sometimes that you are debating with your friends about some politician? And you (or your friend) would defend that "celebrity", like you defending your mother or your child? If the answer is yes, you should maybe put your finger on your forehead and think is it worth doing it...

I mean, does some big "celebrity" needs YOU to defend her drug-addiction? Or, the reason why he/she smokes? Or wear something at the concert? Is that really worth your time? And, what do you get in return by blindly follow that person? Are you happier if "she" changes the hairstyle for the next concert?

These are just general examples of "worshipping" your idols... The word "idol" is a bit hard to swallow, but you can use maybe something softer, but you can fall into the same trap, without going into a "global scale"... You should avoid "IDOLS creation"... What does that mean?

Let us try to move all this to the "local" sphere... We have a community here on Hive, or LBRY, or any other network... Between our followers, friends, and other members we have favorite creators/authors... Personally, I have dozens of them, but I don't perceive them as my IDOLS... I consider them as my friends, in the first place...

They are maybe better than me, as persons, or as authors, or they are more creative than me, more intelligent... That really doesn't matter, as I don't consider myself inferior to them... I appreciate their work, their way of life, or whatever else, but if I consider myself less valuable, I will fall in a trap and MAKE them as my IDOLS!

By doing that, I will lose my power... I will put some invisible limits to myself, and I will be left in a ditch limiting my growth...

Check out the video for more views on this important topic...

Thank you for your valuable time,


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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
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Worship is a crock, putting people, things and deities on a pedestal and then expecting them to take all the responsibility for your actions, and or way of being, somehow seems very defeatist and non responsive

However it is a reality and one that drives a lot of people.

I use to have a world famous Artist that I held in great esteem, I didn't worship him but did think of him as a Semi God in the Art world. He had made quite an impact in how cultural appropriation and how augmented realities were viewed. and was in all my text books at high school and university.

Then My partner and I were fortunate to have him stay with us and had the great fortune to spend a few days in his company in a very personal scenario, away from all the throng that wanted his attention, taking him to site seeing spots, over dinner, Lunch, chats under tress, spending time in his company just looking at nature, drinking cups of coffee and looking at the footy results in the paper

This has happened a number of time to myself and my partner over the years where we have been able to entertain world leaders in their fields, and the one thing that drives home is that these people are our Peers, there is nothing greater to them than you and I and that worship is a falsehood. It is a concept that means we think we cannot aspire to what we perceive they may be.

All people are on a journey of learning some just more confident than others.

Yes, you should meet your "idol" in a real-life and get the picture that they are the same as you and me... Maybe pumped up more with self-esteem, or who knows... We are all different, but in a nutshell, we are all humans... body and soul... :)

Thanks for the comment!

You can follow someone you admire and you appreciate them. But don't lose your identity. Embrace your uniqueness because that's the most powerful thing ever. Everyone should be proud of what they have. Thanks a lot @ph1102 for sharing this message.

Exactly... Completely agree with you!

Appreciation yes, worshipping no! :)

I am so guilty of this and actually find myself praying hard on this in my faith since as a Christian, it goes against the commandment. I appreciate the reminder very much so even if your intention wasn't from a faith based standpoint . It's a reminder to me to do better. Thanks Zoltan :)

To be honest, it was a bit inspired by that... As in the Bible says that we can't serve 2 Masters, and this is kind of that... Don't get me wrong, we all have that "sin"... Someone worships a certain person, someone money, others maybe even worse things...

The problem is that very often we are not aware of that... and even when we are, it is hard to stop doing that...

But, if I remember well, you are using that oxygen trick, so you should be OK... :) That means that you don't put another person on the pedestal...

Thanks for the comment and your time!

Wow. Another excellent post. And our minds are one. I have always thought this way.

It's nice to see that others think in the similar way!

Thanks for the comment and support!

You can get in real fights if you trying to put some logic. I do not how people get brain washed to such an extent.


I can't agree more with your on this.... lol... Sometimes it's so ridiculous to even talk with someone who is blind about a certain things... Luckily, I usually skip those talks and just leave... as there is no sense talking to someone who doesn't want to listen...

Great video! There is a difference between having role models and worshipping somebody. I believe it's a good thing to look at others, learn from them but I believe it's unhealthy to be in complete adoration of somebody. It's a kind of psychological problem because the worshipper idealizes his idol in a way that his image of this person doesn't fit the reality anymore. This can be dangerous in many ways...

There is a difference between having role models and worshipping somebody.

There is an enormous difference... But, in these days, role-models can be a real a$$holes... lol... For example... I don't watch reality shows, but I know some people that do that... and there sometimes watch that with their children...

and kids don't know the difference between role-model, worship, idols... They copy their parents, and not rarely TV personalities... and then you have a big mess when that person becomes adult... :)

and one more thing... not everyone has that perception of role models and worshipping as you and me... YOU know the difference, but they maybe don't...

Wow, exelente trabajo muy explicito gracias por compartir, te voto y te sigo.

Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por seguirme...

Very true, we do have this problem of idolizing people like anything. At times, even destroy our relationship with our friends in order to protect any of the gurus we like. Good points raised, better be yourself rather than be a copycat. Appreciate and no worship!

At times, even destroy our relationship with our friends in order to protect any of the gurus we like.

Omg... I forgot to mention this in my vlog... I saw this so many times in real life and it's just mind-blowing how people can be "IN" for some people...

...And arguing about some stupid celebrity with no-brain... I know that this looks like a very "harsh saying", but sometimes is just ridiculous what kind of people are "celebrities" and a role-models to our children?!

Thanks for reminding me about these points also!

Wow, such an awesome video.I agree with you 100% here. But I am sure you knew that... ;)

We are all unique individuals & instead of "worshipping" celebrities, politicians or even "normal" people in our lives, it's important to see the value WE have. Not putting our lives & self worth into another human being. It is sad, because a lot of people do that. It's a sort of co-dependency if you will.

I struggled with this on a smaller level when I was younger. When I was dating someone or had a connection with another person, my life would start slowly revolving around them. It wasn't an intentional thing but subconsciously, I would start putting that person on a pedestal. I quickly learned this was not serving me & after a couple of sad events, I realized I had to look within & see MY value.

I can understand how it can happen subconsciously to a point, but when someone starts putting their whole identity in that person or figure, it is just downright unhealthy. It saddens me so many people "depend" on others in this way when really, they need to rely on themselves. No one else can do it for them.

I am so glad I learned this lesson & now, when I do have a special connection with someone, it's so much healthier & I don't lose sight of my own individuality. Such a powerful thing to learn...

Thanks, Zoltan, for doing this video. This is needed for many & a good reminder as well. :) Thanks for inspiring me as always. 💚

I don't want to sound sexist, but that you said is a very often problem... Worshipping your boyfriend/girlfriend and automatically "lowering" yourself in the relationship... I know that love is blind, but it doesn't mean that we have to enslave ourselves to others...

It's interesting how in the comment section for this post a lot of people perceived this message in so many different ways...

Thank you for the comment! It added a lot to this topic!

You're very welcome! And no, you didn't sound that way. I am happy I moved past that perception. It was lack of confidence I had in myself when I was younger. Now that I'm older (& dare I say, a bit wiser), I freed myself out of that mentality & looked within. I love myself now (in a healthy way) & am happy in the present moment. 😊

I've been loving the perspectives people have brought to this topic. I think this will help a lot of people. 😉💗

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