Content Theft on Blockchain

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As I'm in the hosting business for over a decade, I had a lot of cases (and abuse tickets) for different kinds of content theft by some of my irresponsible clients... Some of them would use photos, graphics without knowledge of the authors, others have used videos, or just scrapped the complete websites... Usually, the author of the "item" contact hosting company and they give a timeframe to REMOVE the content from their servers... If you don't want to remove the content, then it goes to the next level before lawsuits, etc...

How is this solved on the blockchain where there is no 3rd party?

You upload the content on the Hive blockchain and NOBODY else than YOU can change it or delete it... As a matter of fact, you can't do it either... There is a way to edit and delete, but those operations are not the same as you do that on your computer... But that is another topic, so we will skip this part for a moment...

Let us take the Hive as an example... You have uploaded your content to the Hive blockchain, and it shows on different frontends/websites, like PeakD, or For example, I have noticed that you have stolen my "article"... I contact ALL the frontends where is that post visible, and tell them to take down the blog post... They "remove the link" to the post, and it is not VISIBLE on that particular frontend... But, the post is still written in the blockchain, and you CAN pull it out whenever you want...

What did this mean?
People have wrong thoughts about the blockchain, as they see it as an anonymous jungle where everyone can do whatever wants... Yes, you can, but...

As you are the only one that has KEYS to your account, and only YOU can change the content and everything else connected to your account, you don't have "EXCUSES" that someone else done that content theft... So, in a nutshell, you have even more responsibility for your actions on the blockchain, than you had on the "classic" hosted website...

On the other side, if you are playing by the rules, you are the OWNER of your stuff, and if someone steals your content, you can easily prove that you are the real owner...

Check out the video for some other thoughts...

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Nice video and great advice Zoltan, and yes not posting others content as our own is very important, and also to give credit when we quote something, and it seems the dog wanted to steal your spotlight lol, stay awesome.

This video is spot on, especially when you mentioned that people who do plagiaristic (is that a word?) things & profiting off of it. That would completely bother me if that were happening. I could never be okay with it. That's why I have all the credits in my videos or any of my blogs.

Great topic you addressed. This can also help the more well meaning people to understand the minor discretions that can be made sometimes.

Keep up the awesome videos! 😊💚💜

Using other's work and making a profit on them is a filthy thing... Usually, it is recognized by the community and punished, but still, it sucks...

There are some tools on the chain to "recognize" the abuse, but still, the people have to recognize that the real value is IN THEM, and not in "others".

Thanks for your kind words!

Plagiarism can be a big problem, If someone makes money of someone elses content, etc, then they are opening themselves up for a lawsuit which could end up costing them a lot more that they earned.

Always respect the work of others, acknowledge the work of others,

And Create you own content.
If you have nothing of your own to say then don't say it

It's an interesting thing that audience here, on the blockchain social networks, is still a bit "different" than on standard platforms...

I have a feeling that here, on the chain, it is more valued the personal effort, and personal "touch" in blog posts, than on other places... and that gives me some hope in humanity... :)

You brought up some good points, my friend. There are ways to handle these issues on sites that are not on the blockchain. If someone does that on a blockchain-based platform like Hive, it will impact the reputation and branding in a negative way. I agree with you. You have more responsibility when you publish content on the blockchain.

Yes... On the first sight it looks like opposite, but it isn't... We are 100% reponsable for our content and we guarantee that with your passwords and keys...

Thanks for your comment!

It's a really important point you make about content ownership. So many people think after they upload to FB or YT it's still "theirs". Nice neighbourhood 😊 and cute they way the dogs wanted to be on your video too. 😆🐶

You point out a very real problem on the blockchain. I've seen a lot of articles on the platforms that were simply copied or re-spun using a special software from somewhere else. This is a no go. People don't realize that they are doing something that could create them some real juristical problems.

People don't realize that they are doing something that could create them some real juristical problems.

This is REAL, and people have no idea how EVERYTHING can be tracked... They think that they can "hide", but it's not like that...

The other side of the coin is that re-spun, or copied content get recognized by the community sooner or later, and it doesn't pays off at all...

I hope that people will see that and stop doing it!