Fight For Freedom of Speech Continues

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If you are active on the Hive social media network for some time, you have probably heard about one of the most active and most supportive whales here, with the nickname @TheyCallMeDan... Very often, he creates awesome initiatives on Hive and Twitter, rewarding Hivians for their effort and promotion of this great place on traditional social media platforms...

Well, his Twitter account has been banned (censored, suspended, or disabled, or however you like to call it) and he can't post there at the moment... Also, I have heard for one another account (Hivian) that had a similar destiny...

Now you are probably asking what can be the reason for that? Why would Twitter suspend their accounts? Is it because they were talking about cryptocurrencies (YouTube banning accounts in December 2019), or maybe because of a different way of speaking about COVID plandemic (continuous strikes and suspensions of accounts on YT, FB, and Twitter), or maybe because of politics (elections)? Even if it is because of some of these reasons, it is not a rightful thing to do... Everyone should have a right on free speech about ANY of these topics! But, it wasn't any of those...

You see, Dan is one stubborn and persistent guy... When he wants to show the point, he will go to the end of the world if it is needed... All of you who know the history of the old chain and JS, know what am I talking about... Well, in this case, he was promoting on Twitter decentralized platforms, and the values that they bring to everyday people... And the most important value is FREE SPEECH...

If someone suspends/ban any account that fights for the freedom of speech, does that gives you a clue for what values is that side fighting? Bingo! They want to keep you in the same dark corner where you are at the moment...

They don't want to see you on the open, in light... Because you will be able to see that the king is naked!

This post is inspired by centralized censorship happening all around the globe, and great vlog about the value of decentralized platforms by @jeanlucsr...

Please check out the video for more information...

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interesting. I had account . natdyluv. which is part of grandkids names. and luv...all i did was put my self on hold.. for a couple months..i lost everyone. twitter did not even let me pick my @ ... now I got much old id out there in Te or mailer. i don't know. ... tho am back there cause am human too . Tho cause I have clout with in the world. anyways. not making a comment worth anything here as always.. the end is near. and need some to leave my stuff too. laughingoutloud..

Great that you want to leave something for your grandkids!

Nice words they're doing better than me when it goes to college and one is out of school too and working the mom and them live in a different city smaller which is mostly wine country. But farm country

I always thought we as people had the freedom of free speech, I am seeing that, that is a lie we do not have freedom of speech on some platforms. It is a shame really.

Censorship has become our "new normal", and as I can see, it looks it will last "only 15 days" like everything else today...

Man I don't know why they blocked his account but it seems these platforms will always find something where we offend their TOS to kick us out... We shouldn't rely on these platforms because they can do as they please.
There are some countries where there is no freedom of press anymore. Journalists are going to jail if they say the wrong stuff. There are countries where there are almost no more independent journalists because they are simply too expensive for medias to employ. Where are the independent thinking people? Where can we listened to them? Fortunately there are some left on Hive...

I know that my statement will sound weird and crazy, but I really think (and hope) that decentralized social media networks will become the home for new independent journalists... There is a need for that, and more and more people will realize that... sooner or later...

Free speech is censored everywhere
by the governments for so-called regulations
How long they're going to stop it
The Cryptocurrencies are heading to its ultimate target despite all these odds and hindrances
Free souls are fans of freedom.
Nice video

We are here to stay... So, they will have a hard job to stop us... Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, decentralization... there are too many things to stop... so, we will see... :)

Thanks for your kind words!

I love how you said at the end "Let's be the voice of the future!" YES. Because really, when it comes down to all of this, WE are the ones who can change things if we speak up. When we are silent, we are saying it's okay to censor & control us. I don't know about you, but I am not about to be silent now... :)

It is disheartening, to say the least, what Twitter did to @theycallmedan. There is no reason for it. He wasn't abusive or doing anything wrong. It's just another example of censorship because "they can."

Ever since I did the mainstream social media detox project, I never felt aligned with it since. Sure, I will post a couple of inspiration things for the Pixie Post brand, but I don't feel a pull for it. And now, Facebook is going to start censoring things in October according to new terms & conditions (even though they really have been all along). Why would I want to give power to that? I feel I am encouraging that if I do. I am much happier on the decentralized platforms where I don't have to worry about being silenced or cancelled.

Freedom of speech is our birthright, even if we don't always agree. We should be able to express ourselves without fear of retaliation.

Ha ha well you got me on my soapbox, but honestly, thank you for talking about these topics. It's important we think about these things because this stuff is going on right in front of us & some are blind to it. It's time to wake up! :) 💚

Hahahaha... I like to read these kinds of comments... I remember the time when I was talking about "don't feed the beast"... and it finally brings fruition...

People start to notice that censorship exists and it is here... Don't think that it is too late, but everything comes in its time... I mean, the point of censorship is to hide something and to try to hide that it exists...

So knowing all that, we aren't doing so bad... Making progress, and giving less power to the beast... :)

Thanks for the comment!

Great video and post, Zoltan! I think they fear decentralization and the thought of people not looking to them for
their news or opinions anymore. Just because they don't agree with something that is being said doesn't mean they should be able to silence the person or people saying it.

Thanks, Lisa... They are doing that because they CAN! Which doesn't justify anything, and it's a typical bully attitude... As I said in reply to Jenn's comment, they try to hide "alternatives" and censorship existence in general, but people are slowly noticing the real picture...

Be the voice of the future

Very well said Zoltan, silencing @theycallmedan on Twitter can be one more step to a decentralized future without censorship, but only if we do the job of making it happen, keep up your great work.

Exactly! We are the building force and we will make it happen... or not... Nobody else will do the dirty work for us!

Is there any alternative to twitter.

It's interesting that they derive the power by their userbase to use against them.

Actually, there is an alternative for Twitter here on the Hive... it is called

The truth is that most of the people from Hive use Twitter for promoting Hive, and not for building their profile there... So, that's OK... :)

And censorship is happening in all centralized social media networks, and I have no doubts that they will pay the price for that sooner or later...

I used to think Dbuzz is just a community for writing short content. Not aware they have their own site too.

So all Dbuzz propogate to other tribes too?

Huh... I can't help you with more answers, as I don't use it... I plan to start using it, but I really don't know much more about it at this moment...