CTP & HIVE News Exclusive with Pixie Post | Plus Tribute To 7 CTPSwarmians

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Exciting things have been happening on the #HIVE blockchain & shows no signs of stopping! It got me so excited that I had to make a video about the latest events happening, in addition to a unique tribute I did toward 7 of many favorite CTP Swarmians. This is to show my gratitude to all of your hard work & celebrate you!

The latest links to check out (according to my video):

Latest announcement about the new utility token $HUSTLER:

Follow on the HIVE blockchain:
@nulledgh0st (creator of $HUSTLER & $HUSTLERM)
@jongolson (& ctptalk.com)

All are amazing contributors to the #HIVE &/or #ctptalk communities!

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Great video, Jenn! Thanks so much for the shout out and the support -- the entire #CTP community has really come out in force and shown a lot of support so far, and we are truly grateful over here at the #HiveHustlers community!

Huge shout out to everyone over at #CTP (I'm lookin' at you, @jongolson) -- we had an incredible launch.

We're looking forward to the future, and I'll be getting more involved in the CTP community myself (as soon as I have a minute to catch my breath hahaha).

Much love, all (and thank you again, @pixiepost !!)

LOL All good man...Whenever you get a chance, come poke around. You have enough on your plate right now. We'll be there to welcome ya' when you can, no rush at all!

You are so welcome @nulledgh0st! It was a blast making the video & also lifting up the #hivehustler community as well as #ctptalk.
It's incredible how the $HUSTLER token has taken off & I'm confident it will be successful in the long term.

I will always will be grateful to @jongolson for bringing me to the blockchain. It led me to meet & work with fantastic people like yourselves.

Now get some REST lolol. You more than earned it! 🙌💗🔥

Thank you for the mention 😊

You're welcome Bradley. I can't believe I forgot the thumbs up!! Grrr! Oh well. Your video today was hilarious as well. 🤣

Thank you for being my friend & keep crushing it out there. 🙌🔥💗

Well thanks for the shout out...I would stay and comment this with all the love...but I gotta go..
Ahahah that was so so funny I loved it you caught all the personalities from each of us!
Thank you so much, I'm grateful and blessed and honored to be your Sister from the other side of the pond!
You're an inspiration!
Love you 🥰💞🔥🐝😘

Lmaooo! I couldn't resist! It was so much fun & wanted so much to do something for you guys. 😊💗 You all keep me going in good times & the bad. 🔥

And I know you love your FIRESHOPPING!! Hahah 🤣🤣

Thank you for watching & I'm blessed to call you my Sister as well. Keep on going for your dreams! You got this! 💗💗 Love you!

Appreciate you Jenn!

Thank you for all you do...And honored to be on the list :)

And I appreciate YOU! Aa I said to @nulledgh0st, I will forever be grateful to you for getting me into crypto & this amazing blockchain. I have gained a family here, as cheesy as that sounds.

So thank YOU! As I always say to you, we are just getting started! 🙌🔥💗🦄


The answer is definitely 42!

Thanks for the mention... As @jongolson said, it's an honor to be on this list of your friends...

Really appreciate your help on Hive and owe you for life for getting me involved in vlogging... ;)

And I have laughed so hard, that my jaws hurt right now... loooooool


🤣🤣🤣🤣 42, yep still 42. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Zoltan, what can I say? You have been my rock & my little CTP family I mentioned here (as well as a few others I didn't get to mention, yet) have been one of the most important parts of my journey here. 😊 Thanks for giving me the nudges when I needed them, too!

I am glad you enjoyed this video as I let my inner child out lolol. Rest those jaws ha ha.

Love ya, Twin! 💗🦄😉

Drink....... more...... water..... :)

Thanks for your kind words

Ha ha ha! Thank you for that gentle reminder 😉💗

It is exciting to see how HIVE and CTP are moving forward. HIVE price is going up.:)

It is super exciting right now & to think, we are all just getting started!! 😊🔥

Thanks for watching & being supportive. Keep going with your videos. They're really good! Maybe someday we will see you on camera? 😉

Hey Jenn. I am honored to be in your list of 7 and this was too funny.

Hey Mike 😊 He he I am very glad you liked it. It was a fun way to honor you & some others. 🦋🙌

Hi Jen : Thanks for the shout out.
The HIVE and CTPTalk has been really buzzing lately and its great to see more discussion happening

Love all the spoofs :)

Hey Russ! 😊 It's a real exciting time right now & I know it's only just starting. It's going to get better! 🙌 HIVE is definitely the place to be.

I am glad you like the skits hahah. It was fun doing it & wanted to honor you guys.💗🦋 Thanks for watching!

nice post, i saw it on twitter first, but i anyways watched it again :-)

Aww haha Thanks so much! That is truly appreciated. Yeah, exciting things are happening! Glad you're here with us to participate in all of it! :)