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RE: Don't be an EXCUSER! - Rambles and rants #7

in Threespeak11 months ago

This was spot on. Yes, the only limitations we have is the ones we put on ourselves. And the more excuses one makes, the more he/she truly misses out on. I mean, there are so many ways we all can express our own creativity & authenticity that most excuses really don't work!

As @jongolson & @iamraincrystal said, sure, rest & take a step back. But then get back on the horse (as you said :) ) & #pushon. Sometimes that very thing can open doors to so many more opportunities.

Great ninja kick, Sis! I hope you stay cool, too. We have been up in the 90's & that's enough for me lol. Love ya! 💚 😊


We survived the 90's without all of this...we can do anything!
Even Jon with his crappy internet he's still creating content! lol
There is no excuse!
Thank you Sis! Love ya too 💜


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