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RE: Do You Have The Motivation and Mindset For Success?

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I completely agree. You have to have a certain mindset in order to make progress in your journey. If you have a "why" & a vision to begin with, you will be more motivated to take action. When someone does this JUST for money, he or she isn't really tapped into their passion.

We all have days when we feel a bit "lazy". Or we may get sick or have personal things going on. Honestly it's okay once in a while & that's life, but still showing up every day & being consistent in one way or another keeps you going. There has been a couple of days I didn't make a video, but I still post my inspirational graphics & curate, even if it's just a little that day. The important thing is to just keep going! :)

Great video, Mike! I really enjoy your content :) 💜


To many people treat their business like a hobby. If you don't have the right mindset and take the necessary steps it is likely you will not make it. I guess that is one if the big reasons so many people end up quitting.

I completely agree. And that's why there's a difference here. We work at this every day & are succeeding just by showing up & putting in the effort. It truly make a huge difference. 🙌