What Should You Focus On - Population or SIM Income?

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When you build your virtual city on dCity, what should you focus on? Should you focus on population or income? In one of my latest posts, @amr008 asked this question. I'm sharing my thoughts in this video.

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Different people have different strategies and opinions when it comes to building and growing the city. There are mainly two ways you get earning from dCity.

  1. SIM
  2. HIVE

However, you will also get HIVE rewards for holding SIM.

HIVE reward is based on the population of your city. The top 400 cities get daily HIVE rewards. You get SIM based on your building that you have in your city. There is a competition to get into the top 400 city. On the other hand, there is no competition to earn SIM. The tax rate can change your daily SIM income. If the tax rate is higher, the SIM income is lower and vice-versa. Let's watch this video.

Hope you found this useful. Thank you so much for watching the video. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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I've been focusing on SIM income so far but my ranking is around 500's so I guess I will be checking ways to increase population now to get to the top 400!
Oh, the tax rate! Was wondering why my income changed!
Thank you so much for these videos, been helping me understand a bit more of the game :)

The population cards are very cheap in the market. When you buy any population cards, try to balance your city with income cards, otherwise, overpopulation can cost SIM income.

I watched your videos about other games on Hive blockchain. The way you share your experience, that's awesome! I'm active on dCity. Sometimes I make content and share my thoughts about dCity. Glad to know people found that useful. Thank you so much @elianaicgomes for your feedback!

I've been building on dcity for about two weeks now and I've managed to enter the top 400. My strategy is to generate a maximal sim income. The sim income will allow me to buy more cards and like that I will also manage to improve my ranking and increase the hive rewards.

Hey @achim03!
Congratulations! :)

I like your approach and the way you do any task whether it is a project or a new initiative. I also focus on SIM income and then pay attention to HIVE rewards.

Best of luck! See you around!

Good to see you Again with another video. I got the point why people must try to increase population. Actually, if one can make more traffic it will increase his sim income automatically with the cards . Thanks for your description. Love u 😍

Population and income go hand in hand. Without population cards, you cannot get SIM income even if you have cards that generate SIM. Again if you have overpopulation, your SIM income will be deducted. It's fun to get the cards that you need and balance the city.

I don't play Dcity tai sob mathar upor diye gelo Hahaha... Khelle aro valo vabe bujtam :D

I feel the same when people talk about other games :D


I'd recommend taking a look at the citys that are ranking highly. I saw one the other day that was all farms.

It needs investment to get started. Then you can move on from there.