Distraction... What To Do About It

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We want to do our task effectively so that we can finish it on time. Sometimes we get distracted and because of that, it affects our productivity negatively. So what do you do when you get distracted?

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When you get distracted, you spend a lot of time on something and you don't even realize that. Later you see you just waste your valuable time that you can use to finish the project effectively and efficiently. Let's talk about that.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for watching the video. I appreciate your support and feedback!

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This is a good topic and you have some good points in your video. We all get distracted but it's what we do to turn off the distraction that helps us keep working through. There is always time later for TV, emails, texting or what ever, you just don't need these distractions while you are working on things.

My discord server is always open, that's a good thing. But I keep checking notifications on the discord server more recently. It hampers my work a little bit recently. So I decided to close the discord server when I pay full attention to my work. When I edited this video, I closed the discord server. :)

Making a little change can increase overall performance. Let's see how it goes. Thank you @maddogmike for taking the time to watch my video and expressing your thoughts about that.

I have a problem with this lately... I have a list of my tasks to do at a certain time, but between those tasks, I jump to check some messages... Sometimes, those messages are more URGENT than my next task that waits in a line, but usually, it's not a case... and the result is that I forget to do that next (usually the last) task...

Trying to control me, and it does work sometimes... But because of my other online jobs, I had to leave my "communication channels" open... So, the only tool to cope with this is self-control...

Thanks for an interesting topic and your thoughts about it!

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If you usually get urgent messages and you have to take an immediate account, you need to keep communication channels open. It depends on what you do, and it can vary from person to person. I completely agree with you, self-control is the most effective tool.

Thank you @ph1102 for sharing your experience and thoughts.

This topic resonates with just about everyone in some way or another. I am improving on it a little at a time. One of the things I like to do to keep my focus on my tasks is to make sure that the little things I might obsess about like getting bills paid or doing the dishes are done and over with before I sit down to my computer for work. I try to keep my work area as uncluttered as possible and that seems to help as well. And I take planned breaks.

I take planned breaks.

That's a good one. Sometimes you need to take a break. We are not a robot, are we? Sometimes little things are bugging us. You can fix that easily and it can increase the overall performance.

Thank you so much @lisamgentile1961 for sharing your experience and thoughts.

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