Let's Walk With Me and Talk - Part 2 [Bangla]

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I made a video before named let's walk with me. This is part 2. In the previous video, I showed you something and invited you to share your opinions about what you saw in the video.

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It looks like a canal. Actually, that is a river. In this video, I showed you more and talked about it. You will see how they are digging the river using the machine. People used to do this manually in the past. That day has gone. Now using the latest technology, we do things easily and much faster. Let's watch this video.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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Accah ei kotha,,, ei nodi tou tahole onek boro ,, ki nodi eta nam bollenna vaiya, amr kache video ta valo legeche, karon ami ei vequ kaj korar drissho khubi pochondo kori, amader ekhane jokhon age dekhtam tokhon giey daray thke oder kaj gula dekhtam valo lage,

R dekhey bujhajacche sob pani kheter moddhe jay ,, tahole bristy somoy r budhoy fosol kora hoina, tay bad er moto kore dicche, thanks for sharing this video...

Apni agar video ta bolachilan vequ/crane dia mathai katar kotha. Ami obak hoya giachilam ja apni mathi dakhi ta buzta parachilan. Ami kono crane/vequ dakhai ni sai video ta. Smart girl!

Ata Jomuna nodir shakha. Borzhar somoy nodi dakta onak valo lagba. :)

😊 thanks , o jomuna nodi , tay boli eto boro keno.

Amr kintu sei valo legeche aii series ta r akdom e vabte parinai j ata nodi...River development er kaj choltechi dekhtechi r vabteo partechina j borsa r somoy ki obostha hoi. Government akbr bramaputra nodi development er kaj start korechilo pore tender issue and churir karone pore full development off hoye jai, I hope government aii river development er kaj properly ses korbe...

Many people go to the river to see this digging with the crane. This is something you usually do not see in the river. It will give the river a new look. Can't wait to see how it looks like in the rainy season. :)