What Makes You Sad?

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Hi, how are you?
Are you sad? Let's have a talk. So what makes you sad? Maybe random people on social media said something. So you feel bad. Do you think those random dudes like Jonypants44 know you?

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Okay, how about if someone close to you says something bad or negative about it? Let's watch this video. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you so much for watching this video. I really appreciate your support and feedback!

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Love your consistency my man 👨

Also I wanted to thank you for spreading HIVE vibes on Twitter. We’re getting more attention and our collective efforts are compounding.

I’m grateful for your Twitter presence

I'm also grateful to see your consistent effort in spreading HIVE vibes. Sometimes I wonder how you do all things and being so focussed on your action.

It's an honor and feels great when you see awesome people around it.

as much as we want to ignore, it hurts when someone close to you says bad things... I would say that it is the same reason as to when any others do that... They don't know you... maybe they are close to you, but they don't understand you enough...

If they do, they will try to help if they think that you are doing some mistake... talk about it...

Yes, people who are close to you should help you do what you want to do. Unfortunately, when you try to do something different taking risk, you will be discouraged by people who are close to you.

It's not that they want to make your life miserable, they are afraid of what if you fail. That's why sometimes they put so much pressure on you and it only hampers your action and progress.

I totally understand that, and I have lived through that from my parents... But, they have their reasons for doing that... As you said, they think that they are doing a favor to you, but it's sometimes the opposite... It's not from a bad intention at all...

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