How Do You Learn A New Thing?

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People learn different things in different ways. In this video, I shared how I learn a new thing. Before learning a new thing, you need to have a clear idea of why you are learning that.


You can ask people who work in that field. They will give you valuable and you will get a clear idea of what to do next to learn that. Of course, we have the interest. You can get any information as well as learning material by searching on Google. Let's watch this video.

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For me the best way to learn a new thing is to actually do the thing. Example: I want to learn how to use OBS Open Broadcaster Software. I watched some videos and signed up for a class. But until I used it myself, the videos were not making as much sense. I still have much to learn but it is a process and I will do it in small chunks of time.

When you actually do something aka, use it, you can learn anything effectively. Thank you @lisamgentile1961 for sharing your experience!

Good Morning and you're welcome, @rezoanulvibes! Have a great day!😀

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Yes apni thik bolchen, kichu sikhar age ami keno egula sikhechi tar obossoi dharona thaktey hobe,r kotha hocche kew kichu sokhe jokhon e tar dorkar hoi, r amra sadharon manus ra besir vag e nije theke kichi sikhina kotokkhon na onno karo kach theke dekhi, jai hok valo Laglo video ti. Sheare korar jonno dhonnobad.

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