Why Do You Have To Consider The Context Before Making Content?

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We know that content is the king. Your content can help you grow your business or whatever you want to do online, it can help you achieve that. But we often underestimate one thing when we make content, that is, context.

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You are the same person, but you act differently when you are with your friends, wife, kids, colleague. Likewise, when you make any content, you have to consider the context. You make videos on YouTube, but when you make videos for TikTok, your mindset is different. You are not going to post the same video on TikTok that publish on YouTube. You will edit and make it suitable for the platform.

Let's watch this video. And please feel free to let me know what you think. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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Nicely done! Context is possibly the most important consideration, yet often ignored.

Sometimes you don't pay attention to the content, and that can be one of the reasons you do not get expected results. Thank you @fiberfrau for your comment!

You are right, the type of content and in what context is used is very different from platform to platform... Something that is suitable for a website very often isn't for a blogging platform or social network...

It the same here on Hive... People like the personal approach to some topics, want to see personal opinions, views about something... And that content receives more interaction and possible upvotes...

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When you make any content considering the context, it will work better. And the context can change based on the platform. Thank you so much @ph1102 for your feedback!

This is so true! When we are doing different types of content. it can differ in between platforms. I have even noticed some of my content might not do as well on one platform while it will do excellent on another. It depends on how it's all set up & the audience you are trying to reach.

I try to make my content versatile in the sense of making it in different formats so I am able to post it on different sites, etc. It is not 100% full proof but it's a good way to test out what works & what doesn't. This can apply for main stream social media as well as Hive centered dapps.

Interesting video & it definitely is something worth keeping in mind when we all do our content each day! :)🧡

You can even target a specific audience and make content. I write about martial arts and self-defense. It is for people who are interested in martial arts or practice martial arts. Recently I have started making content about fitness again. It would be for everyone who wants to stay healthy and fit. Let's how it goes.

Thank you so much for your awesome feedback!

That is great. I did see some of your martial arts posts in the past. Changing it up like you are makes content creation interesting, too. That is why I do videos on spirituality & esoteric topics mainly but at other times, they will be on crypto, life vlogs or humor. I enjoy doing different types of content. This way I have flexibility in the target audience I want to reach, depending upon which topic I address.

I wish you well with the fitness posts. I think you will find a good response to that since a lot of us appreciate that & the healthy lifestyle. :)

great vblog about content creation

Thank you for watching the video and giving your feedback!

Thanks @razoanulvibes for the great video.. And yeah you are right.. It is very important to make a good context while making a good content...

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