Do You Buy Random Cards Or Do You Buy Cards From The Market?

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There are some popular games on Hive blockchain. And dCity is one of them. You can build your virtual city on dCity. There are only two ways you can buy cards.

dCity game.PNG

  1. Buy random cards
  2. Buy cards from the market

So what would be best for you? Do you like to buy random cards or do you buy cards with HIVE. Let's talk about this. We also talk about how you can earn more curation.

Let's watch this video and please feel free to share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you. That's it for now. See you in the next video.

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Since I have a very small city and am not investing heavily in this game, I try to maximize my purchases by buying from the market. When I first started, I did purchase three random cards, but two of the three were higher priced cards that I could not fully utilize right away, so I sold them in order to buy more cards on the market.

When you buy random cards, you don't know which cards you will get. Later you can sell the card that you do not want and buy from the market. Right now popular cards are cheap in the market compared to the price in two or three months ago.

Thank you @theroad2freedom for watching the video. I appreciate your feedback!

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This is my strategy too !!!