Let's Walk With Me

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How are you?
At the beginning of the video, I usually tell you what you are going to see in the video. In this video, I will not say anything. I will show you something and let me know in the comment section what you see.


It would be fun. Let's walk with me and enjoy this video.

Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for watching the video.

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All I see is low quality and very SHAKY video. Nothing to comment. You badly need some steady cam

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It would be better if the video does not shake. The surface is not plain where I was walking. Sometimes I needed to go up and down. Thank you for your feedback!

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Vaiya amader ekhane network khubi kharap tobu ami poro video ta onek koste dekhlam,, mone hocche vequ diey mati khonon korche,,r onek boro kore korche,, vequ garir karone rasta ta puray dhew dhew hoiey ace,,
Kichu na bole ki bujhate chichen vaiya ami bojhinay kichu,,,??

You're pretty smart. Impressive!
There will be another video where I will show more and talk about it.