Are You Taking No Risk Or Taking The Biggest Risk?

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You make money, now the question is, how you are going to spend your money. Will you save everything as a liquid after expenses or do you invest? When you make any investment, there is a risk. So maybe you prefer to invest in risk-free assets. You can keep your money in the bank and every year you will get a certain amount of return.

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Sometimes we don't see the real picture of the return because we do not consider inflation and the time value of money. The value of your money decreases over time. So what you see you get, you are actually getting less than that.

If you stay in the safe zone and you think you don't have any risk, maybe you take the biggest risk of all. You will not progress as you thought it would be. If you take a considerate risk and make the investment, you can do better. When you realize that, your action would be different next time. Let's watch this video.

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I understand taking risks and failing. I have a few experiences with that in my past. Not taking any risk and staying in your comfort zone is also a great risk. Definitely. There is a middle ground of thinking through and doing as much due diligence as possible. You have to understand what is involved and understand your finances enough to know what you can reasonably afford to lose because there are no guarantees.

Understanding something you are doing is the key to do better. You cannot learn a particular thing in a short period of time, it takes time. So I'm learning and trying new things based on my learning and experience. Hope 2021 would be a great year.

Thank you so much @lisamgentile1961 for sharing your thoughts. :)

Yes, so true! I am learning to give myself more time and patience to learn new things. You're very welcome, @rezoanulvibes. Keep up your great content creation. 😀

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OMG, I really like your topic. It’s risk free in bank deposit but, we sometimes forget the inflution of money.
We obviously must think about it and if we think properly it will help us to earn mental curraage to invest a buisness rather than bank.

Most people don't think about that or are not aware of that. They see the number of money increases, and they are happy. When we consider the time value of money and put things in perspective, we will see the real picture.