HiveHustlers is Introducing a Monthly $HUSTLER Token Buyback + Burn Program

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Now, we are extremely pleased to announce our latest token move - a $HUSTLER token buyback + burn program!

Everyone in the HiveHustlers community has been patiently waiting for news of what we were going to do with our $HUSTLER tokens once launched. They've been alive for a bit now, and we've created various ways for our members to earn them!

We've also gone through a few iterations in terms of how they're earned and at what rate, as well as how they're paid out - we now pay out a lot more (1500% more, to be exact) for delegating HP to our account, and all tokens are now STAKED upon distribution, vs liquid form.

This has helped soften up the market a bit, instead of flooding it with huge amounts of tokens daily.

With the launch of right around the corner (within the next 1 week!), we will finally have our very first LIVE use-case for $HUSTLER tokens - hooray!

There will be a free version of the site (which will generate revenue through advertisements/BAT token donations, as it is BAT enabled), and also a premium/paid version of the site (which will be paid with $HUSTLER tokens).

BAT tokens can be earned for free by using the Brave browser - if you aren't already using this browser, we highly suggest you give it a try - it's fast, safe(r) than many alternatives, and very web3 friendly. (yes, we earn a few extra BAT if you use our link - which will go towards our burn program!)

Be Brave:

The following HiveHustlers affiliated profiles all accept BAT tokens as tips/as a monthly donation, and will all be used for the Buyback * Burn program:

All tokens paid for the premium version WILL BE BURNED - meaning, they'll be removed from the overall token supply forever.

Also, we intend on using any excess ad-revenue/BAT token donations beyond our server hosting costs (only $7 a month) + any dev upkeep (should be little/none) and use that revenue to buy $HUSTLER tokens from the market. Those will ALSO be burned!

We will be posting monthly buyback + burn reports for total transparency.

With the implementation of the Buyback & Burn, we hope to accomplish a few things:

  1. Decrease overall supply, therefore increasing the value of remaining tokens in the system
  2. Add use-case(s) to our tokens, therefore building out our ecosystem and interest in joining it
  3. Building our community - growth and long-term sustainability are very important to us, and adding in new ways to show our community that we're working hard to build creates trust and interest.

Help Us Grow, So We Can Help YOU Grow

We are really looking for more people to delegate HP to the community account so that we have much larger votes to pass out to members that are active. We believe that the Delegation Bot distribution change will have a great impact on this.

Please consider delegating Hive Power to the official @HiveHustlers account - you'll now also earn a LOT more rewards for doing so!

Delegate 100HP
Delegate 250HP
Delegate 500HP
Delegate 1000HP
Delegate 2500HP
Delegate 5000HP
Delegate 10000HP

$HUSTLERM miner tokens -

$HUSTLER tokens -



Good news brother!

I've just set my auto monthly BAT contributions! FYI The Reddit link is broken.

Is HiveBit launching after the Presale ends the 1st of August?

Did I see in your Twitter that buying $HUSTLERM (Miners) has a 40% Bonus? Is that correct?

I'll be joining in the 5K club soon. Just waiting for 24hs for the USDT to be able to be moved from Uphold.

Awesome work Team! It's all coming together 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

Great questions bro!

HiveBit beta should be out soon - probably not before the sale ends, however. We are shooting for the next week or so.

I will double check the reddit link!

Yes, $HUSTLERM purchases technically receive 40% total bonus right now (25% immediately and 15% post sale distribution). Its the best time EVER to buy, especially with the price jumping on the 1st.

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Love this. Was delegating 50HP but just up'd it to 200HP

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Awesome, appreciate your increased delegation! Enjoy the rewards and get ready for a wild ride in the #HiveHustlers community ;)

So many nice stuff happening out there now. And I am in such a bad situation that I can't help and support. But well a 100 HP delegation will be a tiny help :D Hope it will be good enough

Thank you! and delegation helps tremendously, as it all comes back to the community ( to those that post and use our #hivehustlers community tag) in their posts!!

It is not much. only 100 for now. But I am happy to see so much stuff happening on hive :D I will now start checking more stuff on the hivehustlers hashtag and also start using it on my posts :D Can't wait to see where the community will head :D

Keep up the development guys!

Thanks man! We are trying our hardest to deliver true value.

The news coming out about HiveBit / our Beta should be incredibly exciting!

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I can’t wait

Good development
Waiting for the detail when it will happen and what will be the price....

Details are going to be shared shortly - and our initial product will be free, with a paid/premium feature!

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Great news! Can't wait to see the first use-case for the token!

To shake a bit that market and bring some new eyeballs on the project and community!

@HiveBit Beta starts tomorrow! :)

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how many hustler do you get from hustlerm?

84k are minted daily and then divided between all miners staked.

cool. What's the future utility of the HUSTLER? Why should anyone get interested or buy the token? (Here's your chance for an elevator pitch!)

We've presented the pitch in multiple posts:


  1. Utility token for - think Binance Bread/Huobi Token - discount on fees.

  2. The only token accepted for functionality

  3. Our soon to be released $HUSTLER monthly bonus bot, rewarding stakeholders with extra bonuses

  4. More to come - but you'd have to read existing posts to figure that out ;)

1k on the way... =)

Hella appreciated you pushed us over the 20k mark!

Yeaah boy, eeerrrday we hustlin'

YOOO!! I'm here for this. Just saw your post about HiveBit, and it lead me here. I'm down af for the HiveHustlers community! Let's get shit done!