#HiveHustlers: $HUSTLERM Miner Token Bonus Bot = LIVE!

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As many of you know, it's been a super hectic week for the #HiveHustlers team, and we apologize for our lack of official news - we're in the process of relocating and finalizing some other internals, so we truly appreciate your patience and understanding! 🤑

HUSTLERM Miner token Bonus Bot Post.png

But, let's get to the news - the $HUSTLERM miner token bonus bot was officially launched a few days ago!

As mentioned in our previous post HiveHustlers News: Announcing Benefits for $HUSTLERM Token Staking Tiers + Token Burn Rates, we announced our miner token staking tier benefits program and what sort of goodies our members could expect on a monthly basis for meeting said requirements.

To reiterate:

50 Club - stake 50+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 1 x $HUSTLERM token/month bonus (staked)

100 Club - stake 100+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 3 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 1000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

250 Club - stake 250+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 10 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 5000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

500 Club - stake 500+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 25 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 15000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

1K Club - stake 1000+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 75 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 35000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

2.5K Club - stake 2500+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 225 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 100000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)
1 FREE HiveHustlers T-Shirt (choice of size/color) from HiveSwag.io

5K Club - stake 5000+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 500 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month (staked) + 250000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)
1 FREE HiveHustlers Hoodie (to be released, choice of size/color) from HiveSwag.io

The $HUSTLERM miner token bonus bot works as follows:

  • Pays out on the 1st of each month (starting 8/1/20) - we will manually pay out bonuses for July
  • Takes a snapshot of all $HUSTLERM staked on the 15th of each month, and pays out according to this snapshot
  • Distributes + stakes bonus $HUSTLERM tokens
  • Discount coupons / bonus physical items will be distributed manually

Please note: our $HUSTLER token staking bonus bot will most likely go live in August 2020.

Also, for the July 2020 manual payouts, stakeholders should expect ~ a 1 week (7 day) window for their bonuses to be sent out, as we have to manually verify and send these out. We appreciate your patience and understanding here!

Don't forget about our popular Powerup Sunday promotion -- for every 4 $HUSTLERM tokens purchased directly from us, you receive an additional 1x token -- that's a 25% bonus on every Sunday!

View our previous post here: https://peakd.com/publish?edit=hivehustlers%2Fhivehustlers-it-s-powerup-sunday-time-fellow-hustlers

Grow & earn more today:

Discord: https://discord.gg/RTW7j3h


Looking forward to my first month of rewards. I believe in August I will hit the 2500 club!

Nice work team.

🔥 what a baller! Thanks for being such a supportive member of the community mate.

Almost 1 M hustlers look forward to being in the 5K Club pretty soon!

Nice to see things moving forward in the HiveHustlers world! No rush, just slow and steady, as it wins the race... ;)

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Nice to know that.....
I miss the last post but its nice to know the new bonus system for staking the token....

Yessir! Stakeholders are absolutely not forgotten with the systems we are working to implement here in the #HiveHustlers community 😀 We care about our members!

Also, please don't forget -- your absolute BEST time to buy $HUSTLERM tokens would be directly from us every SUNDAY -- as we offer 25% bonus tokens on Sundays for every 4 $HUSTLERM tokens you buy at our market rate (our current market rate is 0.95 Hive/ea -- others sell below us on Hive-Engine, but these are NOT eligible for the bonus).

If you wish to buy from us on Sundays, simply send us (@HiveHusstlers) Hive @ 0.95 per $HUSTLERM, and we'll send back your purchased miners + your bonus tokens.

For example: if you send 3.8 Hive to us, you would receive 5 $HUSTLERM tokens (4x tokens @ 0.95 Hive/ea + 1 bonus token).

Hope this helps!