Hustlin’ tags on your posts - Why Hive is different than general social media

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When looking at posts in the HiveHustlers community, or the CTP tribe it is clear that a lot of you are experienced social media marketers. This is visible in the tags that you use for your posts. Unfortunately this is hurting your progress on Hive. Let me explain.

First I’ll share what I know from the general social media best practice. Just a while ago I learned that the algorithme on LinkedIn will prioritize posts that have 3 tags, not more. Also if you want your post on Instagram to look good, you don’t add any tags in the post, but instead after posting you immediately add a comment with a couple relevant tags. This will be enough to let people find your post. Facebook also likes it if you are specific. And I don’t know about you, but when I see one of those twitter posts that I has more tags, then actual text, I just skip past it. To me it feels a bit similar like using Capslock constantly.

As lots of you affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs are quite experienced in using these platforms to build your business, you see the tags on Hive and you use the same approach. You keep it simple and generally you will use 3-5 tags.

However on Hive, this is hurting your growth. That is because of the way that Hive was designed. On Hive you don’t just mention the relevant topics for your posts, but with tags you also post to certain tribes and communities.

The first part of posting to tribes and communities is visibility. If you only use the ctp tag, or only post to the HiveHustlers community, then most users on Hive will not see your post. You will effectively limit your post to the small bubble of friends and followers that you have. If you want to go beyond the usual bubble of followers that you have, then start using some tribe and community tags.

The second part is curation earnings through tribe tags. If you add those, you will be able to earn tribe tokens and you will allow your curators to use their token holdings by upvoting your posts. If you only use the CTP tag, then when I upvote your post I am actually wasting my Leo, Pal, Neo, Sports, Bilpcoin and other token curation upvote potential.

So, what tribes or communities tags would I recommend?

In my opinion the biggest and most active tribes are palnet, neoxian, leofinance and ctp ofcourse. All these tribes have lot’s of active people that you might like to reach out to.

Also there are some active curators like spinvest-leo and spinvest-neo that can really boost your rewards if you write quality content in the tribe they focus on.

If you write anything related to investment, business, growth or finance, then you should absolutely use the Leo tag. The Leo token is one of the strongest tokens on hive, actually grows in value, rather than going down constantly like most tribes do.

But neoxian and palnet are also quite stable and can give you really nice rewards. Not just in their tokens, but there are actually some really big Hive accounts in those tribes as well.

If you like an active community, then you should definitely check out the telokanda tribe. They have a crazy active discord with lots of airdrops, tips and other ways of getting free Kanda. They are also very active on Twitter and are bringing a huge community from the Telos blockchain to hive, while also trying to connect it to the EOSIO blockchain.

They are also building an advertisement faucet where members see each other’s advertisements and get paid for that, which could be really interesting for affiliate marketers and for promoting HiveHustlers.

The List tribe is also quite interesting, since they seem to have a focus on dropshipping, rather than affiliate marketing. But in general they are also very interested in business growth.

Finally, if you write a personal post to build your own brand and share some human views in life, then absolutely post in the ocd community. They have by far the biggest hive curators, but they will only upvote thoughtful personal posts. So if you’re feeling philosophical, then post to ocd.

Finally, check the accounts of the people that upvote you regularly. You can do that on with ease. If they have big stakes in a certain token, then consider using the tag for that token to be able to earn some of that token yourself and help them ran some curation with their stake in the process.

Thanks for reading and do let me know what you think.


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Great tips about using tribe tags to gain more visibility and gain more tokens through that, I try to use some but not too many, also want to have some descriptive tags to gain better SEO, which actually does work, a few of my videos has got on top in Google rankings, have an awesome weekend.

Oh I didn’t realize that was possible. Yes SEO is also something to think about.

Yeah title's seems to be the primary thing that ranks, but tags are important too, and it's the first 5 that counts.

True, the title is also the add for your post.

The first 5, I’ll keep that in mind.

Great tips on tag usage. I myself are still trying to figure what is the best ones to use for my daily posts. Since I don't want to use the same community for two different type of posts.

I can imagine that to be tough indeed. Although the general purpose tribes and communities won’t mind you posting several posts a day.