Let’s talk investment portfolio - The M & Mpath tokens

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My intention from the start of this account half way through May 2020 was to show how not only you can start an account from nothing and still grow very decently on Hive, but also grow it into an investment portfolio that generates passive income. This is why I like to introduce you to Mpath a token within the Accelerator program managed by @rycharde.

My impression is that he is the kind of developer that doesn't advertise much for the projects that he works on. He did have a few projects on steem-engine with the tokens accelerator, mapx, mapr and mapuv. On hive-engine they are M and Mpath.

M token

The M token is a reward for delegation to @accelerator. This in itself is cool, but the token income is used to set up a buyback wall on hive-engine.

Not just that, but the price is steadily increasing as well. So you could either sell all M tokens you get, or you keep them and see them increase in value. This is quite safe because of the buyback wall.

This makes it ideal for people with a lot of Hive power that isn't used that efficiently. Simply delegating means that a good return on invesment is created.

Mpath token

The Mpath token is a token you need to buy. You cannot get it as a reward for delegation. But when you buy it and hold it in your hive-engine wallet you start getting upvotes for your 1st blog post every day.

Not just that, but the Mpath token is a dividend token as well. It is nothing large, but you will see your holdings increase.

Also the price for the Mpath tokens is increasing as well and there is a buyback wall. So again, this is a pretty safe investment.

You cannot stake them, so just hold them in your wallet. That is enough.

The Mpath token is perfect for content creators, but due to the dividend aspect of the token, you aren't missing out completely if you do not post every day.

Still, posting every day yields the maximum result.

With my main account @elbrava which is mostly set up for passive income, besides actifit reports, I have started to both delegate to @accelerator and buy Mpath tokens.

Also for this account @invest4free I have been using the sudden price increase for the Leo token to convert that into Mpath tokens. This will help me increase the upvotes I get for my blog posts and will give me a little bit of passive income along the way.

When I get past 200 Hive power for this account, I will probably also start delegating to several projects for passive income and I think @accelerator will be one of them, along with @leo.voter, @tipu, @hivehustlers and @ctpsb ofcourse. I will be comparing those for the passive income they generate for me. More on that in the near future.

For now, I fully recommend the M and Mpath tokens. My experience with them has been very positive, as has been my interaction with mr @rycharde.

Thank you for reading and do let me know if you have any questions, if you know of other cool projects or if you appreciate this kind of information.


Reading your posts, I see more and more similarity to the @ctpsb project... And I'm happy to see projects like that as they are REAL, LEGIT, and not crazy impossible ROI scams...

That's important for growing a healthy space on the Hive...

Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely, this project is legit.

Many thanks for the promo post :-)
M and MPATH are the Hive versions of MAPR and MAXUV respectively on the other chain.
Steady, asset-backed growth has always been the aim and, after over 2.5 years, the funds are still here! They can even be used as "deposit accounts" to squirrel away profits from other tokens.
Thanks again.

Have sent you a free MPATH token - worth more than an upvote!

As above, so below.

I’m glad to share about your project. I like what I see in using them. Thanks a lot for the Mpath token.

Great post! Love my M and MPATH tokens!


I love them too 😊