What's Your Story?

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What's the story you tell yourself?
Have you ever considered that is what is preventing you from progressing?
How much truth is in that story or is it filled with excuses?

In this video I talk about a little bit of my story, or rather, the story I was telling myself and how the version of my story I was telling was actually preventing me from progressing.

I look forward to your thoughts on this topic. I think the language we use is extremely important ESPECIALLY when it comes to how we speak to ourselves.

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I think that you point out something very important: We will never feel ready... and I believe that this applies for anything in life. To wait for the moment to be ready is a sensless wait... Taking action without being ready means to get out of the comfort zone and this is what we should get used to...

You said it perfectly. Thank you.


Great stuff Jangle!

It really is in our head and we become our own worst enemy....Great to have you crushing it on Hive and CTP right now!!

Thank you Jon. Appreciate the support.

OMG Janelle, that is your best ever. Incredibly powerful. I don't even have words.

Seth Godin: Ship it then fix it.

Thank you. It's just great.

Thank you, Tom. I like that Seth quote. You've said that to me a few times lol

A lot of wisdom in what you are saying.
I think it is good to have someone you are accountable to, to keep you on track.

Yes, it's nice to have support and be accountable to people for sure. It's not easy to hold yourself accountable at times. Thank you for the comment.

Excuses are like heads...everybody has one.

It's not about perfection...it's about progress.

These are just a couple of phrases that came to mind as I watched your video. I agree with you 100%. When it comes to advancing in your business (or anything for that matter). It's not about getting everything just right. It's not about being ready. It's not even about having everything finished. It's about moving forward. It's about progress. It's about taking the "next right step"...the action that will help you make the most progress right now. Then you can move on to the next "next right step".

Great advice, Janelle. This is something I have been telling myself for the past few days, but, as yet, I have not taken that next right step. I am about to do that now. Keep on keeping on.

Thank you, Garrey. I appreciate the support. Following you back now :) I thought I was already!

Yeah right, I had quit it 5 times before for longer periods and started again, but this time I quit it forever, hopefully, almost 6 months didn't smoke at all. Wish you Success!

Keep at it! The only thing I can tell you is that even though I do still crave them, they are way less frequent now then when I first quit. It gets so much easier. But the temptation is with you always which is why it's important to stay honest with yourself. In the moments you want one, figure out if there is something triggering it. For me, it's stress.

Welcome to the community - we hope to see you active on Discord soon!

Thank you. I will be :)

I think I am in confused and in introspection mode.

You'll get there. We all have moments where things get confusing. Part of what I say helped me figure things out. When I realized half of what I was telling myself wasn't the whole truth, a light bulb went off and I thought....why am I saying this when it's not even true? Duh. It's not easy to figure it all out and I don't think we are doing it on purpose half the time. We're just conditioned to it.