Whom Do You Work For?

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A few days ago I have run to the post of @maddogmike where he was asking his readers about their reason WHY... Of course, I have asked the same question to myself, and it raised some other questions, like this one from the title...

I like to observe things around me, and like to find the way how something works... Why is something like it is? What is hiding behind it? Why am I creating content? etc...

I have done that with our CTP community at these moments when we have been left without our "supreme" leader (just a joke :) ) @jongolson, as he is on the road for a couple of days... I have noticed that we have a very low amount of chatting inside our community chat channels on Telegram and Discord...

On one side, that is normal as Jon is the creator of the program which was the starting point for everything that we have now... But, on the other side, we have some awesome members in the community that are kind of leaders, that are contributing a lot and help others...

Knowing all that, we have some weird need for recognition from our "bosses"... We like when someone "BIG" is flattering us when they tap our shoulder...

Tbh, that should NEVER be your guiding point as it isn't the most important thing... It is way above that... You should work for YOURSELF and find MOTIVATION in more important things than satisfying others...

Check out the videos for more details...

Btw... I don't have some mental issues at the end of the video... It's that one boring fly has attacked me... lol...

In the end, I would like to make an update of my current numbers (June 28st, 2020) on #MyHiveGoals:

HIVE POWER - 13,607 / 20,000    68.03%
CTP POWER - 104,693 / 150,000   69.79%
HIVE Followers - 246 / 333      73.87%
LBRY Followers - 849 / 1,500    56.60%

Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here: https://peakd.com/myhivegoals/@robwillmann/new-challenge-myhivegoals-set-and-achieve-your-goals

Thank you for your time,


Link to my initial post is here

These are my initial (and starting) goals for 2020 on June 1st, 2020 and this #MyHiveGoals Challenge

HIVE POWER - 12,092 / 20,000    60.46%
CTP POWER - 98,148 / 150,000    65.43%
HIVE Followers - 222 / 333      66.67%
LBRY Followers - 648 / 1,500    43.20%

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Once you realise that the only person you have to please is yourself, life becomes much easier... Unfortunately this wisdom is not that easy to reach...

that's true... Humans are social "animals" and tend to worry about others' opinions... and sometimes, we are too much occupied with that...

"Why?" That is an excellent question Dr. Watson!

It's easy when you have Sherlock Holmes to answer your questions... 🤣

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